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Grow Stronger Readers with Discover Reading Leveled Titles (4 stars)

I teach reading at the elementary school level and very much enjoy doing so. Working with kindergarten and first-grade students of varying strengths I am always on the lookout for good reads to recommend for at home. While not without a few flaws, I found Discover Cats to be a good way to check out the imprint, and see if they would be digital reads worth a recommendation.

Most of my little readers love non-fiction and learning about animals. I work with mostly higher level readers so I don't think this Level 2 title would be challenging enough for my particular group but for a strong kindergartner or lower level first-grader I think it would be a good option.

I was impressed with the high-quality photos and simple typeface but found a couple of the word choices a bit odd. Potentially too challenging? Maybe, but not to the point I think it's a book to skip.

Notes: Review copy received via NetGalley.

Discover Cats by Katrina Streza

Non-fiction, Children, Animals
Print/Digital (34 pages, XIST)

Read all about cats in this Discover Reading Beginning Reader. Does your child love cats and kittens? This super cute nonfiction reader features adorable photos of cats and kittens paired with manageable sentences for kindergarten, first, and second-grade kids beginning to read fluently.Discover Reading titles feature short sentences, word lists, and questions at the end of each book to further the learning process. (Level 2)

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