Review: Sacred Geometry Coloring Book

Soothing symmetry paired with natural elements. (4 stars)

In spite of the glut of coloring books geared toward adults the trend doesn't seem to be dying off, and with good reason. I've always enjoyed the act of coloring but it wasn't until the rise of the trend that I could pin down why—it's a lot like meditation without the trying to sit still and focus on your breath. Totally good for helping folks with certain mental illnesses (mine being GAD) and anyone who wants to destress. Most of my coloring books feature mythical creatures, nature, or have a humorous bent so I was eager to find something with more symmetry, more mandala-like but not another mandala coloring book. This book fit the bill perfectly!

I confess to knowing nothing about sacred geometry but I found the small blurbs for each page to be insightful. Most of the images are quite angular or geometric, which I find very soothing, but there are enough with more flowing or natural elements to keep it fresh and interesting. I particularly found the bees, lotuses, and celestial imagery to be beautiful and nice enough that they're worth framing after coloring. I do feel that I found a few of the illustrations had elements that felt a little dated but not to the point of bothering me. If you're at all into new age spirituality, mandalas, or geometric coloring please check this book out. Learning about sacred geometry is something I'm eager to do now thanks to this.

As I am reviewing a digital version of the book for bloggers I did not get to see if I liked the actual paper quality of the physical book so do please check reviews from actual purchasers too!

Notes: ARC received through NetGalley.

Sacred Geometry Coloring Book by Francene Hart

Release Date: April 14, 2017

Meditation, Self-Help, Coloring
Print (96 pages, DESTINY BOOKS)
Beautiful line-art depictions of the intricate paintings of visionary artist Francene Hart
• Includes 45 illustrations to color based on the art of Hart’s popular Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck and Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path
• Each piece is accompanied by brief, insightful commentary about the symbols and animals shown
• Intertwines the complex forms of Sacred Geometry with the beauty of Nature, including dolphins, dragonflies, trees, and many other forms and symbols
Experience firsthand the beauty of Nature’s animal and plant kingdoms intertwined with the wonders of Sacred Geometry and Spirit as you color the intricate and divine paintings of visionary artist Francene Hart.
Drawing on the imagery from her popular Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck and Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path, this coloring book contains 45 illustrations of Hart’s renowned Sacred Geometry paintings and drawings. Each piece is accompanied by a brief yet insightful commentary explaining the meaning behind the symbols and animals shown and offering inspiration to open your awareness to how these shapes influence our reality and tune your energies. From dolphins and dragonflies, the elements and celestial bodies, to the power of the torus, labyrinths, and the Flower of Life, this coloring book will lead you on a contemplative journey into the interconnected realms of Sacred Geometry, Nature, and Spirit while supporting your sense of wholeness and joy.

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