Review: Bless This Mother-effing House

Not as funny as the blurb reads. (3 stars)

I haven't cross-stitched since I was a kid but I love a snarky bit of needlework so I couldn't resist BTMeH. 

Unfortunately, I really wasn't all that impressed. Why? Well, it's mostly just the same sassy sayings you see all over the interwebs slapped onto (mostly) boring designs. I get wanting your stuff to seem like it's wholesome until someone actually reads the words but after 3-4 of them they start to feel pretty much the same. I just wasn't feeling it. That said, if you're picking this up for someone who doesn't spend much time online or as a way to get inspired to start stitching maybe it'll be just the thing.

Notes: ARC received through NetGalley.

Bless This Mother-effing Home: Sweet Stitches for Snarky Bitches by Katie Kutthroat

Humor, Crafting, Hobbies
Print (96 pages, SOURCEBOOKS)

The combination of sugar and spice is irresistible in this adorable and appalling collection of cross stitch. Laugh out loud fun through crafting is found in these biting yet precious patterns.
Katie Kutthroat's warped and witty cross stitch has taken the internet by storm and has been featured on TV shows like HBO's Girls. Cute but snarky, each cross stitch pattern featured in Bless This Mother-effing Home evokes laughter and irony. Perforated pages allow for readers to hang up or share favorite entries, spreading the cross stitched love.

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