Hack Your Workday Lunches

Hack Your Workday Lunches (5 stars)

After years of being a stay/work-at-home-mom I recently found myself with my first outside job in more than a decade. It's been awesome, except I was way out of practice in the packed lunch department. For kids it's often simple since mine in particular lives off of Goldfish and Go-Gurt. But when it comes to my lunch I need a little bit more to sustain me. 

Packed offers some really useful ideas to improve your lunch. If you're trying to eat clean or simply just eat more nourishing meals you'll find recipes, tips and tricks, and ways to make lunchtime something to look forward to.

If you hate to cook and/or don't like vegetables and pulses I think you may find a lot of this won't really be your thing. Yet, for those who genuinely want to try things like meal prep or taking your soups, salads, and sandwiches to the next level it's a book that I think will inspire you in ways that will make meal prep or cooking feel like self-care instead of drudgery. 

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

Packed: Lunch Hacks to Squeeze More Nutrients Into Your Day by Becky Alexander & Michelle Lake 

Release Date: February 14th

Recipes, Cookbook, Clean Eating, Meal Planning
Print/Digital (176 pages, NOURISH)
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The workday packed lunch - so often a repetitive and disappointing affair - is easier than you think to get right; it just requires a little forward planning. Throw out the soggy sandwiches and fill your Thermos or lunch box with nutrient-packed goodies that are simple to prepare, delicious - and full of things that are good for you. Contemporary and seasonal recipes are supported by sound nutrition to bring you this hip and easy guide on lunch on the go. While food writer Becky Alexander shows you how to knock up simple and satisfying bites - from vibrant Skip to the Beet Soup to satisfying Good Mood Cookies - nutritionist Michelle Lake will explain how that lunch is doing you good. Chapters include:
• Get Up and Go for those breakfasts on the run
• Raw Goodness salads
• Filling Flasks of satisfying hot food
• Fork-free Fare: sandwiches, dips and other cutlery-free eats
• Snacks and Bites for the inbetween times and treats
By strategic shopping, making things ahead, and using your fridge and freezer craftily, creating exciting and healthy lunches every day becomes almost effortless. Health benefits of particular foods are featured throughout, so you know your blood sugar will be balanced, the nutrition will be packed in and your brain will be kept in top gear. Because work is harder when you're not fully fuelled!

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