Book Review: Mrs. White Rabbit

A bedtime tale moms will enjoy reading. (5 stars)

Dear parents... I feel your pain. There are only so many times you can read Goodnight Moon or Pete the Cat before the bedtime story gets painful. They're totally great books but it's nice every once in a while to read one that the kids enjoy that has a little tongue-in-cheek humor that plays to the adults. Mrs. White Rabbit had me in stitches but managed to be entertaining for my 7-year-old too.

Taking an inside look at a never seen part of Wonderland and the long suffering wife of the ever late White Rabbit. This witty tome is sure to be a hit with moms thanks to the clever writing and hilarious illustrations. It might never be as popular with your kids as their old favorites but it's sure to be a welcome break once in a while.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

Mrs. White Rabbit by Gilles Bachelet

Children's, Humor, RetellingPrint (32 pages, EERDMAN'S)
A hilarious twist on a classic tale
Alice in Wonderland is one of the great classics of children's literature, but what does anyone actually know about Wonderland? Through the diary of the White Rabbit's extremely busy wife, readers finally get to see what happens in the background during Alice's adventures.
Mrs. White Rabbit loves her husband and their many children, but with an invisible housecat from Cheshire and a young female visitor who frequently changes size, living in Wonderland comes with a number of challenges.
With an abundance of wit and charm, Mrs. White Rabbit gives Lewis Carroll's famous tale a refreshingly modern twist. (Ages 6-10)

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