Book Review: Make in a Day: Paper Flowers

Truly beginner friendly! (5 stars)

A childhood friend of mine had one of the most talented grandmothers I've met. She was a marvel with many mediums but it was her papercrafts that always had me in awe. Her paper flowers were gorgeous and so beautiful I never thought to even try making them.

To my astonishment, this book breaks several types down in ways that seem remarkably easy to follow. I'd dare even go so far as to suggest many of these can be done by a patient child. 

If you're interested in dabbling in paper flower crafting or trying to make a homemade gift for Mother's Day or perhaps Valentine's, I much recommend giving this book a shot. I really look forward to getting my materials together and giving a few of these projects a go.

Notes: Review copy received via NetGalley.

Make in a Day: Paper Flowers by Amanda Evanston Freund

Papercraft, Crafts, Floral
Digital/Print (64 pages, DOVER)
These colorful blooms will brighten any room — and best of all, you can make them in a day! You'll find that it's a cinch to add a spring-like air to any room with a bouquet of daffodils, a cluster of hyacinths, or a vivid bunch of favorite blossoms, and no previous experience is necessary.
Each book in Dover's Make in a Day series presents 15 projects with illustrated step-by-step instructions. The beginner-friendly projects are ideal for anyone wishing to whip up something simple but special. Creating paper flowers adds a personal touch and a dash of handmade charm. Supplies are easy to obtain and readily available at major craft stores. Other titles in the series include Make in a Day: Modern Wreaths and Make in a Day: Pompom Crafts.

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