Review: Gracie Meet a Ghost

So Kawaii! (4 stars)

There's something delightfully old-school about this translation. I've always been fond of Japanese children's books for some reason and this one is just as adorable as the ones I remember from my childhood.

From what I can tell there are other Gracie Wears Glasses stories that haven't been translated yet so I hope to see them available soon. I think any young child who wears glasses would enjoy them.

Notes: Review copy received via NetGalley.

Gracie Meet a Ghost by Keiko Sena

Children's, Humor, Animals
Print (32 pages, MUSEYON)
Ages: 3-5
Gracie hasn’t been able to see very well recently, so she decides to get some glasses. But, after playing on the mountain one day, she realizes that night that her glasses are missing. She heads straight out to look for them on the mountain–where a bored ghost is hiding in the darkness, waiting for someone to scare. Although Ghost tries to scare her, Gracie doesn't react by being frightened, not even little–because she can't see Ghost well enough to be scared without her glasses! Ghost really wants to see Gracie scared, so he helps in her search all night long and finally finds her glasses. But what happens when Gracie puts them on...

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