Book Review: Whose Poop Is That?

Perfect for your future zoologist! (5 stars)

What small child doesn't have a great curiosity about poo? I honestly can't say I've met a kid who didn't want to know about it or at least tell me a joke about it. My own kids included. But there are plenty of books about the human kind, so how do you identify some of the animal droppings you discover while out and about?

While this book certainly won't serve as a database it has really terrific facts about why animal poos have the unique shapes, sizes, and content that they do. I'm a little embarrassed to be writing this but even as an adult I was pretty engrossed with the knowledge that was new to me. I really don't want to spoil the one that became the fascinating favorite with my 7-year-old and myself but suffice it to say that if you read this to a kid who loves science I foresee much Googling images of animal feces in your future. (This was pretty cool and not as disgusting as it sounds, I promise).

Not sure what more I can say to convince you teacher, parent, or cool aunt/uncle that this is a book the young reader you share this with will enjoy it. I mean, it's a book about poop and animals and science, a combo that rarely lets me down.

Notes: ARC received through NetGalley.

Whose Poop Is That?by Darrin LundeIllustrated by Kelsey Oseid

Children's Books, Animals, Science
Print/Digital (32 pages, CHARLESBRIDGE)
Poop! Ewwww!
No, don’t say “Ewwww.” Ask, “Whose poop is that?” This simple, and yes, charming book asks this question about seven examples of animal poop. By investigating visual clues, young readers can learn to identify the animal through its droppings. For instance, find a sample of poop with bits of bone and tufts of hair. Turn the page to learn it came from a fox!
Kelsey Oseid’s illustrations are both accurate and beautiful. Backmatter includes further information about the poop and what scientists can learn from an animal’s droppings.
(Ages: 3-7)

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