Review: Oh Joy Sex Toy Volume 3 by Erika Moen & Matthew Nolan

It's all positive! (5 stars)

This was my introduction to Oh Joy Sex Toy and I am totally a fan now. This isn't a fiction graphic novel, but rather, a sex-positive collection of reviews, essays, and comics. It's not porn or even intended to be titillating. Instead, it's very straight forward discussions of gender, sexual identity, inclusivity, and health. 

As someone who grew up in a very repressive home where sexuality was presented as a very negative thing I found this a refreshing way to explore ideas I hadn't before. I didn't find the reviews particularly helpful but as a fellow reviewer I really appreciated the candid nature of them. If you find yourself screaming "TMI!" when friends or family discuss sex this probably is not the book for you.

What I loved most about OJSTv.3 is the art. It's unapologetic, erotic, and extremely inclusive. Seeing couplings/groupings representing extremely diverse sexualities, races, abilities, and body types made me very happy. If you want to support comics with sex positive themes and diversity I much recommend OJST!

Notes: Review copy received via NetGalley.

Oh Joy Sex Toy Volume 3 by Erika Moen & Matthew Nolan
Graphic Novel, LGBTQ, Educational
Digital/Print (312 pages, ONI PRESS)
Erika & Matthew think the world of sex is pretty rad.
Using humor and research, their awesome comics are about everything that relates to sex. They review sex toys, share sex education, interview sex workers, and crack horrible, horrible puns, all in the name of promoting sex positivity.
In this third volume they visit a swingers’ house party, a queer porn set and cover all sorts of topics like HPV, foreskins and UTIs, in addition to the newest and oddest sex toys. Each volume is a unique dive into the world of sex, making this book a great standalone addition to your shelf whether you’re already read the rest of the series or this is your introduction.

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