Book Review: Bird Magic: Wisdom of the Ancient Goddess for Pagans & Wiccans by Sandra Kynes

The Magic of Birds (4 stars)

I've always had a strange connection to certain animals but none more so than birds. They've always played a mysterious role in my life. From rescuing baby birds and holding funerals for those found mauled by cats to unusual sightings, they just can't seem to stop passing through my life. So I picked up Bird Magic hoping to gain some insight into their presence.

I found Bird Magic to be an interesting, unexpected resource. I'm neither pagan nor Wiccan, though both speak to me spiritually, but I found it a very useful book anyway.

If you find yourself frequently visited by blackbirds, ravens, owls, and birds of prey as I am I think you'll really enjoy this book.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

Bird Magic: Wisdom of the Ancient Goddess for Pagans & Wiccans by Sandra Kynes

New Age, Spirituality, Occult
Print/Ebook (312 pages, LLEWELLYN)
Connect to the Great Goddess through the Magic of Birds
Birds have been symbolic of the Great Goddess for millennia, representing her power and connection to the mysteries of life, death, and spirit. Bird Magic teaches you how to commune with the Goddess, incorporating her into your magical life through exercises, crafts, meditations, and more.
Working with bird magic helps awaken your intuition, tap into subtle energies around you, and strengthen your bond with the natural world. Providing an encyclopedic listing of more than sixty bird species―highlighting each one’s history, folklore, location, appearance, and magical wisdom―Bird Magic shows how they can enhance your spiritual and personal life. With in-depth information, helpful illustrations, and hands-on guidance, this book will be your go-to reference for years to come.

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