Review: An Extra-Ordinary Girl (Ellie Ultra)

An Ultra-good read. (4 stars)

Ellie Ultra is a sweet, fun chapter book for young readers. When her super powers make her the odd kid out Ellie chooses a path of dishonesty to fit in. But when her friends need her she has to choose between what's comfortable and what's right.

If you know a child who enjoys superhero stories and secret identities this is a clever book they're sure to enjoy. It's not preachy but delivers a few valuable lessons about honesty, being true to yourself, and giving others the benefit of the doubt. I think this would be a terrific story for a parent and child to read together.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

An Extra-Ordinary Girl (Ellie Ultra)
by Gina Bellisario (Author), Jessika von Innerebner (Illustrator) 
Release Date: September 1, 2016
School, Friendship, Humor
Print (128 pages, STONE ARCH BOOKS)
Ellie is super excited for first day at Winkopolis Elementary School. After spending her whole life being homeschooled by super-genius inventor parents, she can't wait to hang out with normal kids and learn normal things. But Ellie soon learns that her super powers make her stand out in a not-so-super way. Can she save the world and fit in with her new friends? Or is blending in the one thing this superhero can't do? (Ages: 6-8)

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  1. Hi Rhianna! Thank you for reviewing ELLIE ULTRA. It makes me super happy to know you enjoyed the story. The series holds a particularly special place in my heart--my daughter inspired Ellie! She's a huge Marvel fan who was looking for stories with superhero girl main characters, and we had trouble finding them at the library. I decided to create an early chapter book series that featured a superhero girl, one who tackled problems while busting bad guys. Ka-POW! Ellie was born!

    Go superheroes and girl power!
    Gina Bellisario


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