Creative, Healthy Lunch Ideas for School & Work!

If things go well next week I'm about to go from work-at-home mom to a job that'll take me away from my comfort zone. I'm thinking optimistically and trying to pump myself up for the interview. But wait a minute... if I'm not working at home anymore... my love affair with random bowls of cereal, throwing together a fancy salad, or fresh-made grilled cheese sandwich lunches are gonna become a thing of the past.

How's a girl totally grown-up woman supposed to pack lunches that are actually yummy while also being full of nutrition? 

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I just found these great clean eats options over on Blogilates. I feel so inspired and ready to rock being part of the lunch bag bunch at my new job. Because I'm going to get it and be amazing at it—rocking the positive thinking FTW!

Check them out and let me know which one you'd like to try in the comments.

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