Unboxing: August BOOMBOX! • POWER-UP

Confession: I effing love makeup... but I find it intimidating. 

When my sister-in-the-Force, JediJuggler, introduced me to Espionage Cosmetics I was all in. The $$$ I spend at EC is really embarrassing considering how little I actually use. Which is one of the big reasons I adore the BoomBox! subscription, I get a fantastic variety of nerdy goodies not just makeup.

Past boxes have been great, there's only been one I was really meh about—June's Naturally Awesome was okay but the Turquoise Nail Wraps were the only thing I loved. The Tea & Crumpets Everything Shadow from February and Banshee Lip Serum are actually two of my most used products. This month's Power-Up theme was one I was worried about to be honest. The last subscription box I got that did a theme like this left me feeling isolated. I should have known better. The retro-gaming feel totally tickled my inner kid.

One of the things I love most about EC, is that they have real geeky women who are talented makeup artists working with them as Nerd Makeup Ambassadors—I try not to play faves but JaeCHAOS is such a talented artist but also a beautiful soul, I could gush for hours. They also curate from fantastic lady nerd artists like Sam Skyler. Which means every box so far has had a great art print or colorable item plus, fantastic tutorials on how to use the included makeup. This month's piece from Fox Smith is such a fun mashup.

Since I wear a lot of fandom-centric jewelry I heart the necklace from Geek Star Costuming. I am totally in need of her Wonder Woman earrings!

I recently got a new laptop and I've been a bit bummed because the hubs has been hogging my old one that has all my great stickers—including the EC Crest one—on it. I about died of joy to see 3 stickers in this month's box. The Oregon Trail one is my favorite, since that was the game that made me a gamer, but I love all 3.

The notepad, while pretty stinking cool, will probably wind up in the box of notepads I never use. I just have SO MANY. I'm a stationary addict, I get them in a lot of sub boxes, and I get lots of swag notepads as a book blogger  so I have a huge collection. But thanks to most things being digital, I just can't use them up fast enough. That said, this one is so nostalgic and weird, it rocks.

This month was great non-makeup wise but holy casserolee the nail wraps and shadows were epic.

Anyone who loves 8-Bit games has gotta love the nail wraps. I wanted to wear 8-Bit Hearts immediately but then I decided they should be saved for my anniversary or maybe Valentine's Day. I think it might be one of my all-time favorite designs. Power Up is super cheerful and is just a bit cutesey. I wish EC had little girl sizes because these would be so darling on my 6-year-old.

For the first time ever, EC introduced Pressed Powder shadows! These are a BoomBox! Exclusive but I bet they'll release more pressed powders before too long. I have been wishing that they had them (I just find them a bit easier to store without messes) for quite some time! These arrived in the plastic lacons you can buy for lip gloss on EC but are in metal pans so I think they can be popped into a magnetic makeup palette like the Z Palette. I'll let y'all know once I figure that out.

Pixel is a gorgeous rosey pink and Console is an almost cotton candy light blue. I don't think anyone has pointed it out yet but I was immediately struck that these were total Suicide Squad Harley Quinn colors. Clearly that wasn't intentional but I found it a little inspiring as to something to do with them.

Also included is 1-Up, a gorgeous green shadow. My photos do not do it justice. (One of these days I'll buy a real camera and learn to take good pics but until then it is what it is). Green is one of my favorite colors but I always find it a makeup challenge. This one is another BoomBox! Exclusive, sorry lambs!

This month EC did something a little different. They did a sort of featured Ambassador which I want to see more of! This time it was Sasha/ThePryncess. Her makeups are always so color rich! Her floral liner inspired by the Most Ardently nail wraps from February's box is to-die-for beautiful. She created 3 tutorials for using the new shadows.

Honestly, this is the part of the subscription I most treasure. Since makeup is challenging for me, sometimes I find it hard to decide how to wear shadows and such. Including tutorials by not just makeup artists but fellow nerdgirls makes me feel empowered. Granted I could never pull the looks off with the precision they do, but I can say that I kicked but with February's tutorial which is why I wear Tea & Crumpets so much. Now if only I could get someone to always do my brows for me... lol

Overall, the POWER-UP BOOMBOX! was a smashing win. I loved it enough to actually write the unboxing post this time. teehee! 

Seriously y'all... if you want to see this sub unboxed here again please leave a comment. The process takes me about 3 days of photographing, photo-editing, and writing up the post. I would love to know if you enjoyed it so I feel motivated and inspired to make it a thing. Otherwise, my depression doubt monster sits on my shoulder making excuses why it's a waste of time. I actually have photos from every single box that's gone out but just struggle to muscle through and make these posts happen. Bleh.

Which item would you love to get your hands on? Was one of your fandoms featured? What's your favorite 8-bit game? 

Tell me below!


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