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Tames litter box odor. (4 Stars)

Activated charcoal has so many amazing uses! One of my personal favorites is as a natural air freshener. Sagano has several products that are worth considering. This odor eliminating bag is convenient for spaces like closets, cars, and other small enclosed spaces.

I chose to place mine in an enclosed litter box cabinet for my cats. It was really helpful at taming the odors but I found that I would have preferred one that could be stuck to the ceiling.

If you're seeking a product to help with litter box odors this is one I would suggest trying.

Notes: This is a review of a complimentary item.

Activated Charcoal Home Odor Eliminator Bag By SaganoProduct Details: The Sagano 200 gram Activated Charcoal bags are a multi-purpose deodorizer plus air freshener that naturally removes different types of unwanted smells and air impurities inside your home. It doesn't just mask odors and toxins, it completely eliminates them from the air that you breathe! And if you've been struggling to get rid of pet urine or poop smells, simply hang one of these bags near your cat box or room, and you can say goodbye to stinky animal odors forever. Each bag contains 200 grams of pure bamboo activated carbon, out of bamboos harvested from organic and sustainable bamboo forests in Asia. Create a cleaner, fresher, and health-friendly home environment for you and your family today.

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