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For two years I tried to make the Passion Planner work for me. It's such a fantastic concept for goal oriented people. I never could make use of the planner as intended though. 

I struggle with not liking long-term commitment to a single goal. I'm definitely more of an 'enjoy the journey' kind of person. I also found that the time slot based structure was both a help and a hindrance for me. Passion Planner was great for helping me keep track of appointments and meetings. But difficult for having a daily checklist for items like making sure the trash is on the curb or that a library book is in a kids' backpack on a certain day. I felt like a lot of the planner was going to waste based on how I was using it. Plus, it's very sterile and plain.

Some creative types love a blank page. I find it overwhelming. 

Since Passion Planner wasn't meeting my desires I started looking at planners that had more of a scrapbooky thing going on. I love being able to get plans down for a week while filling in spaces with affirmations and colorful stickers. Those little things bring bite-sized bits of joy into something that isn't always fun.

After lots of recommendations from friends and business associates I was pretty sure I wanted to give the Happy Planner a try. I had expected to be waiting until the new year. Turns out they were launching the 2016-2017 planners this summer so I snagged the Picture Quote one in June. Earlier this month, I also bought the fitness version too and combined the two to make one super planner! To buy the fitness expansions for a full year it would have cost almost as much and the full version came in a kit with stickers and more great stuff.

After a misadventure with water, our kitten, and a husband who didn't think to pick my planner up to make sure it wasn't wet... it got damaged!!! The pretty back I had was destroyed so I got clever and rearranged how I had my planner laid out. 

Think reversible book, regular planner on one side, flip it over and voila! Fitness planner on the other. 

It's working really well and I look forward to sitting down and planning out my days. I have a banker's box full of planner stuff from pens and stickers to sticky notes and scissors. I even bought a Xyron Sticker Maker. It's so handy for making your own planner stickers! Finding free printables on Pinterest is easy but I wasn't finding a lot that fit Happy Planner that had what I was looking for. I've been a photoshop dabbler long enough I decided to try making my own planner goodies. I've had a few experiments that worked okay but needed tweaking.

This past week though, I really dumped time into the project and I think I finally have one worth actually sharing publicly. I named it ROSEGOAL'D based on the inspiration I used for the color palette. I hope you'll download it and give it a try, then leave me some feedback. I would love to see what I can improve or do differently for the next printable I make to share. 

Or visit this link: http://bit.ly/RhiROSEG

Since I chose the color palette specifically to look good with the colors already in my version of the planner for September I'll be using it myself. 

I knew it wouldn't match everyone's so I didn't want to use September anywhere in it. 

Please excuse the poor print quality (I used my economy printer instead of my nice one to test it) and the items not being stuck down in the photos. I wanted to share it with you ASAP but have more time to pick my own layouts. 

If you do use it I would LOVE for you to post a link to pictures of it you post, feel free to tag me on Instagram too. 

I think that's it. :P Enjoy!

Technical details if you want them:

Palette Colors:


and more... will update once I finish figuring them out. lol

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