Book Review: Luna the Vampire Volume 1

I didn't care for it, but if... (2 stars)

I usually love weird stuff. I absolutely adored I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young and its cartoony weirdness. I thought Luna the Vampire might be similar but I honestly found it pretty flavorless. I did like Sheikh's art style, however, and that was what saved it from a lower rating.  As a whole, it reminded me a bit of Courage the Cowardly Dog for some reason and I'm known for hating that show. So if you dig Courage I suggest giving this a look.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

Luna the Vampire, Volume 1: Grumpy Space by Yasmin Sheikh
Graphic Novel, Comic Book, Scifi, Horror
Print (80 pages, IDW)
Ever wondered how it would be if outer space was populated by monsters? LOOK NO FURTHER! As this is the AMAZING everyday life of Luna the Vampire. Jam packed with awesome adventures, crazy faces, zombie postmen, AND SPACE. By the power of the giant floating god heads, don’t miss out!

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