Book Review: Fairy Houses All Year by Liza Gardner Walsh

Wasn't what I needed. (4 stars)

Sadly, Fairy Houses All Year just wasn't what I thought it would be and therefore I bet it won't be what others are looking for either. My daughter very much has been wanting to make a mini sort of fairy garden with little items for her fairy friends. I was expecting this might give ideas on how to make little chairs or dishes using things like acorn caps or stones. But it's not.

The one thing that I did really like about it was how it encouraged not harming nature in the process of creating a fairy house. I think it gives a very wise viewpoint for young stewards of nature. 

While it really wasn't for us and I honestly felt I could have come up with most of it myself or with a quick Pinterest search, this might make a neat gift for a family with a few kids who need something to encourage outdoor play.

Notes: Review copy received via NetGalley.

Fairy Houses All Year by Liza Gardner Walsh
Children, Outdoors, Nature, Crafts
Digital/Print (120 pages, DOWN EAST BOOKS)
Fairy Houses All Year celebrates the year-round pleasures of fairy house building. Through the use of seasonal varieties, kids and families can engage in this natural and creative endeavor through all seasons. The book will highlight activities and materials found in each season. For example, fall fairy houses feature vibrant colored leaves, pumpkins, and late blooming flowers. Winter fairy houses are built using snow, ice, old birds’ nests, or the dried husks of milkweed and seed pods. In spring, fairy houses become abundant with early blooms, bare branches, and lots of mud! Summer fairy houses are perhaps the most decorative. Choices for the summer fairy house are boundless.Filled with color photos, snippets of fairy lore, helpful advice and instructions, and lots of information about nature,Fairy Houses All Year is the ideal handbook for crafting fairy homes no matter the season. (Ages 4-9)

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