Book Review: Colors of Loss and Healing: An Adult Coloring Book for Getting Through Tough Times

A gem in a sea of slapped together band-wagoners. (5 stars)

This past year has been so, so hard. Lost a friend to suicide. One of my children attempted suicide. Those events affected my other children, my spouse, our family, our finances, our jobs. Yeah, really tough stuff.

The adult coloring craze has been great for a lot of reasons but I think this particular book has been one of the true gems. I only got a digital copy to look at so I can't really claim to have colored in it. But I found the content to be just the sort of thing I was in need of during some really hard times.

If you're struggling with grief and sadness, hopelessness and discouragement I can't guarantee this is going to make you feel better. What it can do though, is help you distract yourself when you need it and provide words and imagery that might be just what you need to be thinking about when things are a struggle.

I would recommend this for those hurting from a death or other form of loss and anyone who is struggling to cope with depression.

Notes: Review copy received via NetGalley.

Colors of Loss and Healing: An Adult Coloring Book for Getting Through Tough Times
by Deborah S. Derman Ph.D.  (Author), Lisa Powell Braun (Illustrator)
Art, Death & Grief, Adult Coloring, Relaxation, Self-Help
Print (80 pages)
Colors of Loss and Healing is the first coloring book designed specifically for adults experiencing a significant loss or challenge in their lives. Through 35 words, one on each page embedded in lavish illustrations, the book provides a sort of guided meditation and a quiet, contemplative activity to ponder a proven path toward healing and recovery.

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