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Sprouts Throat Remedy
Notes: This is a review of a complimentary product.
Product Details: As a singer, Teacher, Professor or Just anyone, you can't afford a scratchy throat and Sprouts knows that. Ours is a company with a mission to restore the ring to your voice. Hence, the latest in our series of vocal remedies- a spray that works magic against that nasty sore throat. Think you're lost as your big gig looms? Think Sprouts.
Sprouts Throat Remedy:• Heals your sore throat within 6 to 24 hours
• Coats and soothes your throat to eliminate soreness
• Stimulates fluid circulation
• Alleviates swelling
• Contains powerful herbs with antibacterial/ antiviral properties such as elderberry, echinacea, etc.
Since a sore throat is usual viral in origin, antibiotics cannot help reduce symptoms. Using the Sprouts Throat Remedy, while taking care to drink lots of fluid and get adequate rest, is sure to help you feel better faster.
Serving size: 6 sprays
Servings per bottle: 59

Echinacea – an immune system stimulant, it muscles up the body’s natural defenses, fights inflammation, and kills bacterial and viral infections. It is good for the immune and lymphatic systems as well as useful for colds, flu and respiratory infections.
Elderberry prevents the virus from attacking cells and promotes perspiration and the elimination of toxins through the skin. It is effective against colds and flu viruses and is recommended as treatment for upper respiratory infections.
Red Root helps supports the lymphatic system, improves circulation, and has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is extremely useful in relieving sore throats.
Green Tea is rich in compounds which display antioxidant, antimicrobial, alkalizing, and immune-stimulating qualities. Green tea compounds not only help protect tissues from infection and boost immune response to infectious agents, but some also directly kill bacteria and viruses.
Thyme helps rid the nasal passage of mucus, inhibits the growth of bacteria, kills germs, breaks up congestion, helps to loosen and expel mucus from the lungs and head, and stops the coughing associated with a cold.
Myrrh Gum promotes healing of sores, shrinks inflamed tissue and helps fight bacteria in the mouth. It has been used to treat colds, coughs, bronchitis and a sore throat.Kelp acts as an antibiotic and antioxidant and increases depth of breath and relieves coughing. The natural, high iodine content of kelp helps it act as an antibiotic and antiviral agent. When the body has an infection, kelp will help assist the thyroid to release more iodine into the blood stream.

I'm quite impressed! (4 Stars)

I recently came down with the miserable cold that everyone seems to have gotten this year complete with awful sore throat that lasted for days. Unfortunately, my order for Sprouts Throat Remedy didn't arrive until I was on the tail end of the cold so I did not get to test it at the worst part. I did, however, get to test it during the uncomfortable phase where I'd mostly feel better save for the coughing save for when first rising in the morning.

I've never been impressed with an herbal remedy for sore throats before so color me surprised. Not only is this one tolerable in taste, it worked pretty well. I could definitely taste the elderberry and thyme components but they were pleasant enough to make this product one I will definitely use again when I get sick. I can't say for sure if it can handle the really nasty sore throats of tonsillitis or strep, but for the common cold I say it's a winner. It's also one I think those who do a lot of public speaking will like, it's quite nice for dry, overused throats too.

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