Review: Gold Dipped Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace by Boutique Lovin

Fake or Real? (3 Stars)

When it comes to jewelry, I don't usually care whether a stone is real or not as long as there aren't claims that it is when it is not. I have plenty of fake gemstone baubles and I prefer them to the real thing because I'm clumsy and I lose things. No sense paying the price for a real gem is I'm going to potentially lose it or break it. That said, I was really disappointed that this brand is claiming that this is a real piece of clear quartz when it is so obviously fake.

If it had been a real stone I would have given it more stars for sure because it's a beautiful, simple design and I absolutely LOVE the chain. But since the quartz is such an obvious fake that you can spot it from ten feet away I'm pretty disappointed. Roughing up a piece of cut glass and trying to pass it as the real deal is pretty pathetic.

With that in mind, I actually really like the pendant and chain. It's a pretty bauble that, in spite of being fake, is a good costume jewelry piece.

Note: I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review.

Gold Dipped Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace by Boutique Lovin

Product Details: Gold Dipped Clear Quartz Crystal Necklace Natural Healing Balancing Stone for Men Women Qty: 1pc pictured genuine raw clear quartz crystal pendant necklace. Material:raw clear quartz,gold plated solid brass chain. Measurements: pendant measures range from 12-15*35-55mm. Chain measures 26" long. These are gifts from mother nature. Can work as a long necklace, a pendulum or a balancing piece for room. Every stone is unique and magic! We DO hand-select each stone, but DON'T expect a perfect one. Coz they are natural stone,it may have dark dots, cloud or cracks in it.

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