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Coloring for All Seasons: Spring

Notes: Review sample provided by NetGalley.
Adult Coloring, Seasons
Print (96 pages, RIVER GROVE BOOKS)
Coloring for All Seasons “With the coming of spring, I am calm again.” –Gustav Mahler Spring is that captivating time of year when the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and plants come alive again. All across the globe, people shed their winter coats and step outside to celebrate this season with festivities and a collective appreciation of nature. Coloring is a meditative pastime that has been proven to help practitioners focus and relax. By concentrating on specific patterns and hues, coloring can unlock creative potential and help alleviate stress. Each step of the way, from the initial choice of which shades to use to the soothing act of filling in each design, Coloring for All Seasons: Spring is an invitation to unwind. We have carefully selected forty-six plates of spring flowers, butterflies, and animals to help immerse you fully in the season. Seasoned meditation practitioners and beginners alike will rejoice in Coloring for All Seasons: Spring. So grab your crayons, pencils, or markers and prepare to find a sense of inner calm. Within these pages of detailed patterns and inspiring beauty, we invite you to add some color to your world!
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A lush Spring coloring book, much recommended! (5 stars)

I find few things more calming and soothing for my generalized anxiety disorder than sitting down with a coloring book and focusing all of my energy into the selection and placement of color. So I am always on the lookout for adult coloring books that have different themes because my moods can be pretty weird and at one moment I might enjoy coloring an intricate dragon, another a pair of shoes, and yet another I might want something funny. I don't often find one that has a very floral-centric theme that I like though, so I was very excited to get an early look at COLORING FOR ALL SEASONS: SPRING.

Filled with beautiful flowers, delightful butterflies, and sayings that are heart-warming I found this one very lovely. Since my review copy was digital I didn't actually get to color the pages but the styles of art provided an excellent variety for colorists who enjoy different types from mandalas and tangles to simple line drawings. But as an experienced colorist I'd dare say you cannot go wrong with this one based on the art alone.

If you love coloring and enjoy the Spring season I highly recommend this one! I'm looking forward to seeing what this publisher will do with the other three seasons very, very much.

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