The #1 Reason Your Should Preview Adult Coloring Books Before Buying

Aquarium Depot - The Amazing Reef Coloring Book Volume 1 by Christina Duncan
Notes: Product received via giveaway.
Coloring Book, Animals
Print (28 pages, N/A)
Adult coloring books are growing in popularity because thousands of people find it relaxing, helps you decompress, and let their inner child out to play while opening up creativity. Many of the books on the market are centered on patterns but we cater to you reef lovers. They are a little more detailed than a child's book but also designed for you to interpret the colors as you want to see them. These pages were patterned for you to enjoy your free time diving into one of your passions, the ocean. You should not be limited to the color palette you see in your tank or on your next reef dive. Pick a color at random and jump in. Now we understand that many adults probably haven't colored a page in over 20 years. Crayons were great as a child but grown ups should probably use grown up materials. So we recommend colored pencils as you can blend them to make realistic works of art. Colored pencils can get into the fine areas that a crayon is too thick to fill. We favor Prismacolor Colored Pencils for their smooth blendable and layerable results. The key is to go in lightly and build up color slowly instead of pressing hard.
Art markers would be another high end choice as they leave a brilliant color that jumps off the page but may take a little longer to learn to when it comes to shading. If using markers, we recommend a sheet of paper behind the page you are coloring to ensure no bleed through. You can also use Watercolor Pencils. We suggest removing the page and taping it to a clean hard surface like glass after you have colored the page. Then you can apply clean water to the page with a small brush. Be careful how you mix areas. For instance, if too much water blends a red into a green... it's going to turn brown. The effects with some practice can be amazing and is a great way to learn how to paint in watercolor. The most spectacular aspect of a coloring book is no two people will color a page exactly the same. It becomes your art. So get creative, do something different but most of all have fun in your spare time.

Someone is trying to cash-in... (1 stars)

My husband is an aquarium enthusiast so every once in a while I find something that seems like a neat gift to feed his interest. Since one of his other interests is art I thought this would make a great just-because gift since I recently bought him the really huge, really expensive set of Prismacolors he has been eyeballing for a few years. I guess I should have looked closer because when it arrived I took one look at the book and got downright mad.

Not only is this not really a coloring book, the actual printing is awful. Five pages had big black ink blots on them, some in clusters even! But the real kicker was that all someone did was take someone's beautiful coral reef photography and run a Photoshop filter on them to make them black and white. There aren't lines to color in! I made a noble attempt anyway but it's so poorly done and printed that you just really can't color it decently unless you're an actual artist.

I would NOT recommend this to those wanting to purchase a coloring book. If you'd like to purchase some inexpensive aquatic... I don't even know what to refer to this as... to remove and frame for a bathroom or something maybe you'd find this worth buying. Otherwise, I'd recommend a very strong pass, for a few dollars more you'll find several beautiful coloring books done by real artists, not someone trying to make a buck off a trend.

I recommend instead:

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