Review: Good Morning Yoga by Mariam Gates

Good Morning Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Wake Up Story by Mariam Gates

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.
Release Date: March 1st, 2016
Wellness, Children, Yoga, Mindfulness
Print/Ebook (36 pages, SOUNDS TRUE)
Yoga helps children learn how to focus, relax, and both self-monitor and self-soothe Good Morning Yoga instills these four skills and more, enabling children to jumpstart the day with energy and excitement-and meet the adventures that come with mindfulness and perspective.
Good Night Yoga tells the story of the world retiring for the evening-and a new generation of readers has fallen in love with the relaxing sequences and beautiful pictures that lead them to dreamland.Good Morning Yoga weaves gentle exercises with a heartwarming narrative and wonderful illustrations to empower children to manage the energies that visit throughout the day-from the "fiery volcano" to the "mountain quiet and still. Good Morning Yoga concludes with a visualization for kids to set intentions for the day.

My 6-year-old LOVES this book! (5 stars)

My daughter has watched me do POP Pilates and yoga at home for the past few years and she often wants to join in but most moves aren't so easy for a little body. So we were very impressed and delighted by both Good Morning Yoga's beauty and child-friendly poses. With vibrant illustrations and pose instructions that feel like a story it's a fun way to engage with the practice of yoga without it being too difficult or serious but also not silly and without mindfulness.

The only reason I would consider knocking a star off is simply that while I love the idea of morning yoga to get my child ready there's simply not the time for us. So we're eager to get a copy of Good Night Yoga, which is far more suited to our lifestyle and in my opinion, would probably be a better option for helping my active kindergartner wind down after our busy days.

No matter which of the two suits your child and your needs I recommend both because honestly no one says they have to be restricted to waking up or going to bed. Whenever your child needs a boost of energy go with Good Morning Yoga and whenever they could use some calming try Good Night Yoga.

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