It's not just for grandma anymore...

100% Pure Rosewater by Joyal Beauty-Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto Hydrosol 
Notes: Complimentary product for review.
Product Details: Bring You The Best Rose Water With Love - 100% Pure Rosewater. Purest Form on the market. No added artificial rose fragrance. No alcohol. No irritation. First water from natural organic rose pedals. No chemical residues. Unlike other cheap rose absolute rosewater with strong smell and chemical residues, this rosewater is more pure, refined, and smells more natural and softer. It can provide more benefits to all skin types and hair types than other rosewater.✔ Unique and Finest Rosewater in the World - Steam Distilled from Rose Damascena in Bulgaria Rose Valley -Best Rose Area in the world which provides just right condition to this unique rose-which is recognized as a unique type of rose with different properties from roses cultivated elsewhere and is widely considered as the finest in the world.✔ All Natural Rose Water Face Toner Spray- Help to maintain skin's pH balance; Hydrate, revitalize and moisturize the skin; Calm and cool skin;✔ Good for Skin Health for Daily Use- Fight acne, dermatitis and eczema; Reduce pigmentation; Strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues; Revitalize aging skin and fight fine lines and wrinkles.✔ All Natural Rose Water Hair Spray- Enhance and nourish hair. Help to treat mild scalp inflammations and dandruff. Make you feel good and romantic.
Ingredients: Rose Otto Hydrosol

It's not just for grandma anymore... (5 Stars)

I've always thought of rosewater as being one of those old fashioned beauty treatments reserved for grandmas. For the most part, I'm really not a roses kind of woman, they're okay but the I can take them or leave them in terms of fragrance. But my recent quest to tone down my beauty regimen and use more natural products had me eager to see if it could prove to be more modern than dowdy. I'm really happy to say that thanks to Joyal Beauty, thinking of this as a granny product is a thing of the past.

First of all, the scent is light and fresh, not heady and cloying as roses can sometimes be. I find it really pleasant and barely there. I tried using it in my hair but my hair didn't care for it (which could be a result of being no-poo for a couple of years now) and I found it too weighty for me. But what I do love it for is as a post-workout refresher and after-shower moisturizer for face, neck, and chest. I even like it for my legs. I also recently read that the scent of roses can help with insomnia and have found a light mist before bed is just the thing—for both women and men!

If you've spent years like me, thinking rosewater was a beauty secret reserved for your great-grandma I say think again. This is a fantastic product that really deserves a comeback in popularity. Love it!

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