This bracelet could save your life.

Mediband Medical ID Bracelets
Notes: I received a complimentary product for review.
Product Details: Insure against incorrect diagnosis & treatment
Awareness of medical conditions such as diabetes & allergies
Vital medical & contact information in emergencies
Comfortable, fun to wear and look great

Truly comfortable and easy to read in an emergency. (5 Stars)

Ever since I woke up in the ER disoriented and confused a decade ago I've wanted to find a medical ID band that was comfortable. My seizure disorder is well controlled with medication but I've lived in fear since my diagnosis that I may one day find myself in need of help but unable to communicate it. In came these simple rubber bracelets from Mediband and for once I feel like it's a suitable option compared to many others I've considered. Most of the rubber ones I've looked at were either way too big and sloppy on my wrist or were too small.

Available for many conditions including asthma, diabetes, food allergies, and drug allergies, I would in particular recommend them for teenagers and athletes who would find them comfortable and easy to wear.

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