Want to try meditation in the new year? This one tool will help.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set by Geshe's Dharma
Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review.
Product Details: MADE IN NEPAL WITH TIBETAN TECHNIQUES AND TEACHERS, Hand Painted, Maximum Resonance Fidelity, Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation
4" DIAMETER, Includes a GIFT SET and CARE BOX, Om CUSHION and PURE WOOD MADE MALLET, all Inclusive for an excellent for and Enhanced Meditation Experience in Deep Conscious Mind Expansion
USE FOR ANY MEDITATION TECHNIQUES, Extremely EASY TO PLAY and an Excellent Gift for a BEGGINER or ADVANCED Meditation Practitioners.
VIBRATION HARMONICS Produced by this Singing Bowl are LONG LASTING provide clear space and help in deep Meditations

A lovely first singing bowl. (4 Stars)

Packaged in a box perfect for gift giving I was quite pleased to receive this beautifully painted Tibetan singing bowl. In recent months I have discovered how strongly sound and vibration play into my stress levels and tension I experience in my body so I wanted to give a singing bowl a try as a form of soothing sound. This one is wonderfully resonant and while I don't find it helps me with meditation, it is a great way to quickly center myself during times of stress... of which I have had an exceptional lot lately.

Aside from its use as a relaxation and meditation device, I actually find it exceptionally beautiful. I wish it came with a guide to explain the various things painted on it and that is one flaw I feel worth noting. The other is that the mallet doesn't feel well balanced which makes using it a little awkward.

Overall, I am very pleased with it, however, and would gladly recommend it to other first time users.

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