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Veda Yoga Mat Lightweight for Studio or Home
Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review.
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Product Details: Looking for a yoga mat that gives you both comfort and stability?
The Veda Yoga mat is designed with you specifically in mind. Thick enough to give you comfort on the joints yet firm enough to hold your balance in the most challenging pose.
A thick spongey mat might feel soft on the joints but they are impossible to keep your balance on those tricky positions. A thin, harder mat offers great stability but are so tough they often hurt the knees and elbows, as well as being too heavy to carry to and from class. The Veda Yoga mat addresses these issues with the perfect balance of comfort, traction, stability and weight - making it ideal for all yogis from complete beginner to seasoned guru. Also works well as an exercise mat for many activities and workouts such as pilates, and resistance band training.All-purpose mat - perfect at home or in the studio
Weighing only 21oz (600g) the Veda Yoga mat is the perfect choice for those taking their mat to and from yoga studio classes. No other mat can offer such comfort and grip yet be so light in your bag. Also perfectly suited for those practicing at home or with friends, our mat is extremely durable and designed to cope with a lot of travel.Hypoallergenic, sweat resistant and easy to clean
The Veda Yoga mat is manufactured free of harsh toxic chemicals such as BPA and phthalates and is the safest choice in yoga mats. The moisture repellant surface keeps your mat fresher for longer whilst giving you stability and traction.
To keep your mat clean and door free, clean regularly with any yoga mat cleaning product, wipe down with a damp cloth and hang to air dry until completely dry.

Beautiful and exceptional. (5 Stars)

No matter what new workout I try, I always come back to yoga or pilates and I just cannot do either without a good mat to support my body. I have a pretty big collection of mats and I like them all but some I love more than others and the Veda is one of them. It's distinguishing features that have put it above the others are the excellent texture on both sides, the exceptional thickness paired with great cushioning, and the beautiful indigo color. Unlike many I've used it didn't stink when I received it either.

For the price it's one of the best mats I've used so it's not only a great mat, it's also affordable. I don't own a mat I wouldn't recommend yet but this is one I would recommend first. I really hope they add more colors because this is one I plan to recommend to friends and fellow POP Pilates enthusiasts a lot.

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