Book Review: Spectacular Nail Art by Larit Levy

Spectacular Nail Art: A Step-by-Step Guide to 35 Gorgeous Designs
Notes: ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Crafts, Beauty
Print (80 pages, IMAGINE)
No woman is fully dressed without the perfect manicure: it’s the final touch, the must-have accessory to any outfit. And today, spectacular nails mean more than a coat of pink polish. It’s fashion art, with a world of fabulous colors, unique patterns, and gorgeous embellishments to choose from. These 35 designs are eye-catching and ultra-stylish, whether you’re looking to liven up an everyday look or get glam for a special occasion. Novices needn’t worry, either, because every project—from sparkling Champagne Chic to the wintry, Christmasy Snappy Snowflakes—includes easy-to-follow instructions and handy step-by-step photos, and most are really simple to create.
Have a spooky Halloween with black-and-white cobwebbed nails; hail the red-white-and blue and stars-and-stripes forever with Positively Patriotic; and celebrate the coming of spring with vintage fancy flowers. Go wild with animal prints, like leaping leopard spots or zebra zigzags on your "claws." And even if you can’t make it to Hawaii, your nails can, with designs featuring the island’s famed hibiscus. Whether you’re choosing elegant, wedding-ready pearly bubbles or playful retro dots and fun characters, every pattern here makes an unforgettable statement.
Tips on nail care, products, and basic manicures (including a French one) help you keep your hands in tip-top shape. One thing’s for sure: with this art on your nails, you’ll never want to wear gloves again!

A Basic Nail Art 101 for Offline Artists (3 stars)

I've been in the market for some simple nail art instruction books for my husband of all things. He recently decided he wanted to learn some because our young daughter loves having her nails done and he's a good artist so why shouldn't he be able to do it?

SPECTACULAR NAIL ART turned out to be just the sort of book that's great for a beginner. The ideas and styles are all pretty simple and well instructed. But they're just that, the basics. If you're looking for some really different or fresh ideas this really doesn't have them. I've seen most of these already done in other books and on Pinterest multiple times. With that in mind this might be a great choice for a child or tween who is learning or for someone who doesn't regularly access the internet. Otherwise it's just too basic and the concepts so common that it doesn't offer anything special.

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