Review: Edgar and the Tree House of Usher by Jennifer Adams

Edgar and the Tree House of Usher by Jennifer Adams, Illustrated by Ron Stucki

Notes: Review copy received via publisher.
Children's Literature, Classic Reimagining
Print (32 pages, GIBBS SMITH)
"It was a dull, dark, and soundless day in the autumn of the year ... " when the mischievous raven Edgar heads to his friend Roderick's house to work on their tree house. Edgar dashes his sister Lenore's hopes with the ever-popular phrase "sisters are not allowed," until a storm starts to brew and the two boys realize that sometimes the best things happen when you decide to stick together. The third picture book in the popular Edgar series is sure to warm the hearts of kids and parents alike.(Preschool)
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A charming picture book for Poe fans and their children. (5 stars)

As I often do when a publisher sends me a review copy of a book for my daughter, I read this alone first. I was pretty sure my daughter would turn her nose up at it because it wasn't very colorful but to my surprise she absolutely adored it. To the point I'm kind of tired of her asking me to read it every night.

Being rather fond of the works of Poe and ravens, I found this to be a charming and fun play on The Fall of the House of Usher. It ended in such a way that even though I've had to read it numerous times since it arrived, I still grin at the end. It has lead to much discussion about gender-based exclusion and how we treat our siblings. We will definitely be purchasing the previous two installments in the Edgar series.

If you have a love of literature and want to introduce your preschooler (very loosely) to Poe this is a clever way to do so that it sure to delight. A short bedtime story that also teaches a simple lesson about inclusion, sibling relationships, and rising from a fall.

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