3 Reasons the Diamond Menstrual Cup Didn't Work for Me but Might Work for You

Diamond Menstrual Cup
Product Details: MENSTRUAL CUPS with a CAUSE. For every diamond menstrual cup purchased, our company supports Feminine Hygiene Education & Kits for women & girls in third world countries who miss school or are shamed due to their period. We are proud to support these Causes. These cups are HYPOALLERGENIC FDA APPROVED MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE. Latex free, manufactured in USA. High quality with women's safety and health in mind
DID YOU KNOW? The average woman will spend $2400 & use 11,000 tampons in her lifetime? Save money and time with the eco-friendly safe Diamond cup. Reusable for up to 15 years.
WHAT SIZE DO YOU NEED? Size Small/A made for women who have not given birth or had a Cesarean. Size Large/B designed for women post-childbirth.
NO LEAKS OR ACCIDENTS! No leaks, accidents or odor when properly used and inserted. Easy to insert and detailed directions and helpful video link is provided with every purchase.
FREEDOM FROM YOUR PERIOD!. Safe to wear during sporting, exercise, swimming and virtually all daytime activities. Effective for eliminating nighttime leaks and bulky pad wear. Forget you are even on your period!

Every Body is Different. Here's my review of the Diamond...

If you are always looking for ways to save money and be more kind of our planet chances are you've heard of menstrual cups. But they are an up front investment that makes dropping the cash for one a good reason to read reviews and be sure you've found the one that sounds most likely to work well with your body.

I've had two vaginal births and I'm pretty comfortable with my body so my earliest forays into the world of menstrual cups seemed fairly straight forward. I saved up my pennies and plunked them down on one of the most well known brands. I purchased the size intended for women who are older and who have had babies. Unfortunately, try though I might I never could get comfortable with it. Placement was near impossible. I had literally once got it lodged sideways and that was excruciatingly painful and difficult to remove. For three months I tried to make it work. I crawled Pinterest seeking advice and suggestions, different folds and more reviews. I finally decided maybe it was the size.

Enter the Diamond Cup. It's nearly identical to the Lunette but this time I got the smaller size. I wanted to see if it was a size issue for me and the Diamond is much less expensive. I'm sad to report though that once again it didn't work for me but it might be a great option for you and here are my reasons why:

Not everyone's bodies are the same size and shape. I'm glad I went with the small on this because its shorter length was much more comfortable for me. I also found that the width was a good fit as well. If you know your body pretty well I think you should be the judge on which cup size is more likely to suit you. Ultimately for me the size still wasn't a great fit. I could still feel the stem and if you've tried cups before you know that the stem can cause major irritation. The Diamond was better than the Lunette this way but not perfect. If you generally like cups in this style but have found the stem uncomfortable this one is a great option.

If you have to wear backup protection it kinda defeats the purpose. You're welcome to debate whether my issue was user error or a matter of my body functions but every time I used the Diamond I had some leakage. Never a lot, but enough that it was necessary to wear a pantiliner with it. If that's no biggie to you then drive on sister, personally I would prefer not to.

When it all boils down, it's got to do it's job without causing pain. What ultimately made me decide I couldn't keep using the Diamond was that no matter that I had it properly placed or that it was working alright I couldn't stand or sit while using it. I found the silicone was too stiff and hard to be comfortable. Laying down wasn't as bad but it put so much painful pressure against my insides that by the second day of usage I had to stop. It just hurt so much it's all I could think about. For some women menstrual cups that sit lower in the vaginal canal are just not comfortable but if you like them and are in need of a new one I think the Diamond is an affordable option that's very comparable to the Lunette and similar cups.

After using the Diamond I went back to using the reusable Softcup. It's not as economical but it's the only menstrual cup option I've found that works well and doesn't hurt. Keep in mind that this has just been my personal experience with it and that your body and it's needs are unique to you. If you're a first timer be sure and do your homework! Read loads of reviews and decide which one sounds right for you and be ready to have to buy a few before you find the perfect one for you. I think the Diamond is a good cup that will last for years and that if it's a good fit for your body you will absolutely love it. It just wasn't for me.

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Finally...someone I sort of "know" is reviewing one of these products. Thanks Rhianna!
    I'm not sure I'm comfortable with one of the "stem" style cups, but I've been wanting to try one of these style products. I'd never even heard of the Softcup, so thank you. I'm off to search the internet!

  2. I'm so glad you reviewed this! I've always wanted to try one but I've been scared. Especially since I've had kids. I might get both sizes to try. Thanks Rhianna!

  3. Highly, highly recommend trying the Softcup Michelle! Not to be gross and TMI but I'm using one right now and can't even feel it. I started off using the single use ones but when Amazon finally got the ones that you can use for a whole period (you just clean it after emptying just like the reusable types) and then toss. Then I tried those and those are now what I use. I stock up every six months on Amazon using subscribe and save. Love it!

    Definitely check it out Book Lover! There are so many styles and everyone's body is different, I still haven't found the right one for me but now that I know it's not a size issue as much as a style issue I feel ready to look at other types, perhaps one with a softer silicone. If you feel comfortable let me know how it goes for you, I'm glad you're interested in trying it. :)


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