The Perfect Spray Bottle for Your DIY Cleaning & Beauty Needs

Emmi's Essentials Glass Spray Bottle, Adjustable Mist Trigger Sprayer, Dropper and Decorative Label ~ 16 oz. ~ Dark Amber

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Product Details: Perfect companion for natural, green, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) cleaning.
Emmi's Essentials 16 oz. Amber Glass Spray Bottle is the perfect size to make your own DIY cleaning solutions with common household items such as vinegar, baking soda, castile soap, and essential oils. And along with our decorative label to identify the contents of your bottle and our 3 ml transfer dropper, the uses are limitless. Use over and over to...
Save Money
You can buy basic cleaning ingredients inexpensively. But the same pre-made cleaners cost much more. Stock up on a few basic supplies, and your DIY cleaners cost just pennies.
Go Toxin-Free
Tired of using products around your kids and pets that containing potentially dangerous chemicals? Our Amber Glass Spray Bottle allows you to use natural products you'd see in most kitchen pantries. What you see is what you get...or in other words, you KNOW the products you are using and you know they are safe!
Protect the Essential Oils
If you add essential oils to your cleaning solutions (which we highly recommend to make them smell wonderful and benefit from the natural antibacterial properties) the amber glass protects the essential oils from degrading and becoming rancid. Our bottle allows you to store your mixtures longer to avoid waste.
Protect the Environment
Instead of using plastic throw-away bottles that clog landfills, reuse your Amber Glass Spray Bottle over and over again.

I'm buying more of these ASAP! (5 Stars)

I've been making my own ecofriendly cleaning products for years but I've always hated the cheap plastic spray bottles I've either reused from old cleaners or new ones I've bought. They get grungey and stain easily, and aren't particularly great for cleaners and beauty products containing essential oils. But buying a glass spray bottle can be an investment since they tend to cost about 10 times what plastic ones do so you need to be sure you're getting a great one. I'm thrilled to report that this one from Emmi's Essentials is perfect!

I decided to use it for my homemade Everything Cleaner which is a blend of white vinegar, castille soap, water, and essential oils (tea tree and lemon at the moment) because I use it to clean everything, hence the name. One of the challenges of DIY cleaners is that when essential oils are involved they will float to the top and your bottle will need frequent shaking during use. Every plastic bottle I have used has leaked when I do this which is very annoying. This glass one did not! With the amber color too, I know the oils are better protected from degradation. Which means products using essential oils will have a longer efficacy stored in them. The sprayer itself is plastic but is high quality and sprays beautifully. I haven't noticed any plugging and it mists like a dream!

The spray bottle comes well packaged and includes a pipette and a decorative label you can use if you need one. If you make your own cleaners like I do or perhaps you've gone no-poo and have a conditioning rinse in a spray bottle (which I also do) this is an exceptional option. While it'll be a pricey investment at first the long-term, non-disposable quality will make up for it many times over. I'm going to be buying more as soon as I can fit them into my budget.

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for this honest review.


  1. Thanks! I bought it. I was looking for something to put my ACV in for my hair. This is perfect!


  2. Glad you got one Mandie. I seriously loved it so much! I'm going to get one for my ACV for my hair next. :)

  3. Great read. Useful information. thanks!


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