Review: Nail Art by Douglas Scotti and Alessandra Pelagotti

Nail Art by Douglas Scotti & Alessandra Pelagotti

Children's Nonfiction, Beauty, Fashion
Release Date: July 15th, 2015
Print (48 pages, DOVER)
With this book's illustrated advice, you can not only give yourself an ideal manicure but also use your fingernails to express your moods and creativity. Discover how to add musical notes, flowers, snowflakes, animal faces, and other dainty designs to your nails.
Each style features a color photo and step-by-step instructions. The designs are graded according to difficulty, from simplest of styles to those requiring expert skills. With these guidelines and a little practice, anyone can learn to create the most sophisticated nail art.
(Age 8-16)
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Perfect for the budding tween/teen nail artist.  (4 stars)

Nail art has been trending for several years now and what used to be viewed as trashy, has since become so popular it's everywhere. From the lunch lady to the celebrity, beautytubers to preschoolers. I'm terrible at it but I love it as an art form so I was curious what this book would bring to a young artist. My own daughter is a few years to young for it but a good friend has an 11 year old that I think would absolutely LOVE this book.

The ideas are simple and though I sometimes feel the instructions could have been a bit more helpful to a kid trying to do them they were also very well laid out. Most of these are basics that are very easy—I've done the cloud one myself, for example—and others are a little more involved but still simple enough they look harder than they are—like the watermelon/strawberry which I have also done and got lots of compliments on.

If you're looking for a fun way to keep your tween/teenager busy this summer I would gladly give this book a recommendation. The only thing I didn't care for were how unprofessional a lot of the photos looked, they used fake nails a lot that did not fit the models' nails and it looked awful.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

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