My Secret to Staying Hydrated All Summer Long

Infuser Water Bottle by Live Infinitely

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Product Details: SAVE MONEY & CALORIES - By using our infuser water bottles you not only have found a delicious alternative to achieving your daily intake of water, but you're also saving money with an eco-friendly and reusable infusion water bottle!
INFUSE EVERY DROP - Top loading infusion water bottles stop working the second you start to drink and decrease the water level. Our design allows the fruit to be infusing the entire time with the infusion basket at the BOTTOM of the bottle! Designed with the finest TRITAN material, we ensure a top quality water infuser that is FDA approved, BPA free, leak proof and dishwasher safe
STAY HEALTY - Fruit infused water provides an exceptional alternative to artificial flavoring. The options to customize your fruit water are endless; combine watermelons, kiwis, strawberries, lemons and more! Infusion tumbler can be refilled all day using the same fruit
VERSATILE - Use for more than just fruit! Perfect tea tumbler to take your favorite iced tea on the go, removable infusion basket to create the perfect sports water bottle, or bring the fun to any situation and use as your personal vodka infuser
Also available in blue, green, orange, purple and red.

A great way to stay hydrated. (4 Stars)

I love being the envy of my friends (who doesn't) and everyone has been asking me how I always have amazing mint water all summer long... FOR FREE. Well my secret is that I planted mint in my flower beds instead of shrubs and flowers because it's crazy low maintenance while providing food for the bee population in my area, looks amazing without much more than weeding, smells phenomenal, and of course, has wonderful edible uses. My favorite of which—aside from homemade mint ice cream, of course—is infused water.

Every couple of days I go out and snip stalks of chocolate-mint or my new favorite orange-mint and pop them in an infuser bottle to make chilly good drinks. But let's face it, not all infuser bottles are awesome. I have one I love but the infusion cup is at the top and you're drinking the water right through it which can be a little awkward. So I picked up this one from Live Infinitely for review because the infuser is in the bottom of the bottle.

Drinking wise I prefer it! I used it wrong the first time, forgetting that the words have to be a certain way and hated it but once I realized I had it wrong I was really pleased with the comfortable rim for drinking. I would love it with a spout at the top so it's just a little easier when I'm working out but it's not a deal breaker. I do feel it worth noting that I get a tiny bit of leakage that I can't seem to fix. (You can see it in the photo). It's very minimal so it would only bug me if I regularly stuck it on a wood surface. And no it's not condensation as the photo might suggest, I tested for that a few times and it does it with every use I've had.

I would give this a try with delicious combos like strawberry-basil, lemon-thyme, ginger-orange, raspberry-mint, and pineapple-blueberry!

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review.

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