If You Have Pets or Small Children This One Thing Will Change Your Summer

Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen Door
Product Details: EASY TO INSTALL & REMOVE - No tools required. SIZE 36"x83
26 MEGA MAGNETS SEWN IN - MegaMesh uses 26 strong magnetic points of contact SEWN IN THE REIENFORCED EDGES so it opens and closes automatically with no gaps
MADE OF PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS - MegaMesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door by Easy Install uses the strongest materials and a superior manufacturing process.
EASY INSTALL VIDEO TUTORIAL - Ensures you get your screen door up and working right the first time

A life changer, so glad I got this! (5 Stars)

Last simmer my sliding screen door took a beating. My preschooler and my dog are... well, we'll just say that they're not always mindful of their surroundings. :P After they'd slammed into it and knocked it off the hinges enough times they finally just tore a huge hole in it which they then used regularly. With summer almost here again I said heck no to having to manhandle it back onto the track and rescreening it only to have them tear it again and got one of these Mega Mesh screen doors.

I was really disappointed when I received my order and went to put it up only to find that the hardware (tacks and velcro strips) was not in the package. The company was happy to help me out and as soon as the replacement arrived I put it up. It was very easy to do even in the awkward place I needed it. While it's a little too long for my spot, it is exactly what I wanted. It only took me standing on either side with a treat and calling my dog once each for her to figure out how to use it now she happily goes in and out without issue. Occasionally when she comes in the bottom will stick on the inside and a small gap will be left (as shown in the photo) but a little foot tap gets the lower magnets going. I'm considering either trimming it or hemming it up a little and if I do so I will update the review.

What impressed me most is how well made it is. The screen netting and edging are high quality and the magnets are quite strong. The Velcro isn't the piddly stuff either. The glue is hardcore after you peel the sticker back off and you'll want to be extra careful when you place it. If you can get someone to stand back and guide you in case you're getting it off center or too low it really helps. That said, I got one edge wonky and had to peel it up and try again with the top one and it worked well the second time. 

Overall, I am super happy with it. It's keeping the bugs out and letting my dog and daughter go in and out without the stress I dealt with previously. Now if only my indoors-only cats hadn't figured out how to use it too. (Something to consider if that's a concern for you, I've already had to bring one of my ninjas back into the house from under the deck). For the money it's an excellent pick and one I'm going to recommend to all my personal friends with dogs and kids.

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for this honest review.

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