The Beauty Tool You're Not Using But Should Be

Beauty Lashious Pink Eyelash Curler
Product Details: EYELASH CURLERS capture lashes at the root for thick, fuller & more luxurious longer lasting curls.
For the BEST, NATURAL, PINCH-FREE curls - easy-squeeze, plastic handles- more comfortable than metal.
These Pink Eyelash Curlers are best out there for HOLDING A CURL ALL DAY LONG - Keep sexy curled lashes for as long as you need.
Eyelash curler features HANDLE-CLIP that keep pads from becoming soiled or damaged in your purse.
Eyelashes curler features easy TRAVEL COMPACT DESIGN - fits easily into your purse or makeup bag.

An eyelash curler that saves time! (5 Stars)

Pardon the low makeup, it's allergy season!
Great curves on those lashes though!
If I had to choose only one beauty tool to use for the rest of my life it would be my eyelash curler. It's the very first beauty treatment I learned as a little girl but it's also one of those that continues to be an essential. I've always disliked the finger loops on older models so I was excited to see what I'd think of the new more finger-friendly style of this one by Beauty Lashious.

I'm a really busy mom with a very limited amount of time to devote to getting ready every day so let me say right out the gate that I love the seconds shaved off my routine by this eyelash curler! Not having to disentangle my fingers from loops has made a subtle but so worth-it change I like. I've also found that the change in how pressure is placed has resulted in a more even curl from inner to outer corner. Which means less shifting it and redoing them to make sure I get them all evenly. With the time I've saved I could easily add in another step I haven't had time for before like swiping on some lash primer or lip liner. If you're time pressed I would definitely recommend checking this out.

Maybe comfort is more what you're interested in and I think this is a great one for comfort, I've had zero pinches and the design—while it took some trial and error to decide what worked best for my hands and eyelashes—is great. Unlike traditional loop types you get a true grip with this one so less chance of slipping and pulling eyelashes out. If you've done that a time or two you know how painful that is.

While this claims to give you curl for longer I honestly don't think it's any different than other eyelash curlers I've used. As someone who loves cosmetics and beauty tools from both drugstore/bargain brands and pricey boutique brands I think it's one lower end product that's worth picking up. Dig color? I got the pink eyelash curler but I've also seen it in red, green, white, and black. This gets two time-saving thumbs up from me.

Notes: I received a discounted product in exchange for an honest review.

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