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Sentey® Nebulus Gaming Mouse
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You're now part of an elite brotherhood of gamers whose sole purpose is to effortlessly dominate the competition! Along side your elite gaming brethren, wielding only your cunning wits, heightened senses, and your Nebulus gaming mouse from Sentey, you're about to embark on a journey to conquer every corner of the gaming universe!!
Fear is not an option with Nebulus! Rest assured that it is more than properly equipped with all the features you could ever need to seize control of the gaming galaxy! Including: 4 software configurable DPI levels (up to 3200dpi each), up to 3600FPS, 3D two-way scrolling, 9 adjustable weights, low fricton PTFE feet for quick movement on just about any surface, and fast acceleration and polling rates, all built on the Pixart chipset.
Hard Case Multiuse / Led Lights on - Off / Multi DPI Button Selector and Software Configuration / 5 Buttons / 500hz Polling Rate / Acceleration Speed 30g / Heavy Duty All Braided 1.8 Meter Cable with USB 2.0 Gold Plated Connector / Low Friction Ptfe Feet for Better Gaming Experience / 3d 2 Way Scrolling

Great for heavy clickers. (5 Stars)

I've gotta preface this review by noting that I wasn't in the market for a gaming mouse for myself, but rather, my spouse. But since I'm the reviewer in the house I gave it the first run and he'll get it now that I'm writing my review. He's primarily a gamer while I'm a mix of needs from photo editing and blogging to gaming and I think a review for those with similar needs to mine is important.

For gaming I was very happy with it. The Nebulus is light—even with all 9 weights inside—and agile, glides like a dream, and I found the overall shape very comfortable. But outside of gaming I've found it a pain in my backside. You've got to be a heavy clicker, which I'm just not. Curse you delicate fingers! I've had nothing but trouble with it in Photoshop and while doing basic tasks like copying and pasting text. So for those of you who have smaller or lighter hands considering this one, you might find it's going to require adjusting the oomph behind your clicks as you get used to it. 

The interface and configuration on the Nebulus is nice. It has plenty of options and I was really pleased to see that the lighting in particular could be adjusted both in intensity and pulsation or turned off altogether. If you've got a seizure disorder like I do chances are a fast pulsing light in your peripheral is a no-go. 

Overall, this is a phenomenal mouse for gaming that won't break the bank. It's sleek design and adjustable weight are sure to be a plus if comfort is important to you. I'd recommend it for those who use their computer primarily for gaming and that are heavy handed, I honestly think this is going to be perfect for my husband and will update my review once he's had it for a couple of weeks.

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for this honest review.

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