Review: Sentey® Kairos PRO Gaming Mouse Pad

Sentey® Kairos PRO Gaming Mouse Pad

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Product Details: Gaming Mouse Pad Mousepad Medium Friction Level / Natural Eco Friendly Rubber
Support and 100% compatible with many mouse models and brand
Mouse Pad Gaming Edge-Style Standard - Non-Slip Rubber Base / Hard Plastic PVC
5 mm thickness / Professional Series Surface / Mouse Pad (12.1 x 10 inches)
Mouse Pad Gaming - Mousepad - Mouse Pad - Mouse Pad Gaming - Gaming Mouse Pad - Mousepad 1 year warranty

Perfect for gaming! (4 Stars)

I didn't think I needed a mouse pad. I honestly haven't used one in at least 7 years. But my hubs decided he wanted one because his mouse spot on his desk was torn up and it was looking ragged. So I snatched this one up to give it a try and between the two of us taking turns using it we've noticed much better mouse performance.

I'd always hated mouse pads because they were never large enough for my gaming range but at the same time were too thick to not be distracting. Neoprene models also have the disadvantage of getting totally wrecked if you're a gamer who eats at their computer. The Kairos PRO is slick PVC making it easy to wipe clean when I spill my beer or coffee and the thin profile makes it really comfortable. The one thing I decided I personally don't like is that it's just a little too big for my utilities tray but that's an easy fix if I really wanted to bust out my hospital sheers.

Overall, we both dig it and would recommend it to any of our fellow gamers who want a simple, cost effective gaming mouse pad that'll provide a smoother experience for your optical mouse than neoprene models.

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review.

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