Review: Sentey B-Trek S2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sentey® B-trek S2 Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Details: Wireless speakers bluetooth portable - portable bluetooth speaker - portable bluetooth speaker Built-in Mic for Hands-free - speaker bluetooth 
up to 6 Hours of Battery-Replaceable 
AUX Line in made it compatible with many 3.5mm connector devices 
Gaming Headset - Music Headphones - any device with 3.5 connector 
micro-SD Card Slot Allows Music Playback From Various Sources Compatible with Any Bluetooth Device As MacBook, MacBook Pro, PCs , Notebook 
Desktop, Portables PCs, Smartphones,iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy 
Tablets , Sunglass , Bluetooth Headset , Tablet PC 
Recharge very fast with any USB car chargers, power bank, wall charger USB chargers 10 Meter - 33 Foot Range - Rechargeable & Removable Lithium Ion Battery 
Rubber Painting 
Bluetooth Speakers - Speaker Bluetooth - wireless speakers bluetooth 
Instruction manual 12-month warranty and free lifetime technical support. 
With its FM radio functionality. 
It also allows you to have hands free conversation - bluetooth speakers iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus compatible 
Wireless Bluetooth Technology ! Do not accept old technologies, protect your investment! 
wireless speakers bluetooth IMPORTANT Bluetooth Functionality:. 
The B-Trek S2 goes into Bluetooth pairing mode automatically when turned on and there is no 3.5mm audio cable plugged in or a micro-SD card in the slot. If for some reason it does not go into Bluetooth pair mode you can hit the mode selection button to toggle through the modes until you get into the Bluetooth mode. Please review the manual for more detailed instructions and button diagram.

Perfect for what I needed! (5 Stars)

I have an embarrassingly extensive collection of bluetooth speakers in various sizes, styles, and qualities but not one has yet been perfect for what I wanted most—a windowsill!

As an avid audiobook listener I find that the devices I use them from are never suitably loud enough or have poor quality sound for what I'm trying to do. But the B-trek is the perfect size and just the right highest volume to make it a great option for my kitchen. It's not taking up a bunch of counter space while I cook or do dishes and still enjoy reading!

I have had two issues with it that are worth noting though. Firstly, the lanyard that came was already broken. Since I didn't need it that's not a big deal but it's very cheaply made anyway so you might want to buy a better one if you're planning to use it. The second issue is that while I could get it to pick up FM radio stations it wouldn't stay on one and kept flipping even when it had a strong signal. Since I didn't plan on using it for radio it's a non-issue for me but it's worth knowing it might be an issue where signals aren't flawless such as in a rural area.

I also haven't used the microSD or built-in mic yet as I don't have a need for those features.

If you're simply looking for a bedside or small space bluetooth speaker I think the B-trek is a nice option. It has great sound quality, is light enough to tuck in a purse or backpack, and has other features you might find useful.

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for this honest review.

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