Review: Jupiter's Legacy

Jupiter's Legacy Volume 1

Graphic Novel, Superheroes
Print (136 pages, IMAGE)
Comics superstars Mark Millar and Frank Quitely reinvent the superhero epic for the 21st Century! 1932: Sheldon Sampson's dreams about a mysterious source of power lead him, his brother Walter, and a group of loyal followers on a quest around the world. What they discover sets them on a course that will wrench a family apart and alter the world's political stage! Decades after their journey, Sheldon and Walter are superpowered legends, world renowned for their heroism. But the offspring trained to live in their image have fallen desperately short. Rocked by one public scandal after another, Chloe and her brother Brandon are a dishonor to the generation before them. The rift reaches its breaking point when one branch of the family overthrows the government and struggles to rule at any cost - while the others must flee for their own safety. But when the failures of the corrupt leaders catch up to them, the world hovers on the brink of collapse - and the hidden heroes must emerge to take back their legacy! Collects Jupiter's Legacy #1-5.

Loved the overall concept and yet... (3 stars)

I really wanted to love Jupiter's Legacy because conceptually it's brilliant. Who hasn't wondered what the kids of their favorite superheroes and villains would be like? In this case they're spoiled, fame whores and drunkards without much in the line of redeeming qualities.

There's a lot of set-up here and the story happens over three different time frames. But what I think pulled the story down for me was that there seemed to be no middle ground or morally ambiguous character in the entire group. Without spoiling anything I was left wondering why it came down to an all or nothing situation.

I can't say I don't recommend it, the art and story are very much worth the read, I just found myself feeling pretty ambivalent about it.

Notes: Review copy received via NetGalley.

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