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TGIF my dearest Rhialists! 

Today I wanted to make a confession. I am utterly cringing to admit this but...

We've owned our house for 5 and a half years and we have nothing on our walls.

I have a list of excuses a million miles long from the simple—we wanted to repaint all of the walls—to the frustrating—the hubs and I don't have the same taste in art—and a dozen things in between. If I had it my way I'd have some kind of fanart in every room of the house. I'm a geek. I embrace my dorkside. Mr. Rhi used to be of the same mind but he's outgrown it and wants 'real art' on the walls and he wants it yesterday. So I'm working on it.

One of the only thing we can generally agree on is a color scheme. In our living room and bedroom we favor grays and neutrals overall. Since the kitchen is my domain I get free reign of color choices in there but it already has dark oak cabinets with lime green counters and dark brown linoleum. The bathrooms are both in need of an overhaul because my frog theme has grown tired over the past 10 years I've had it and I'd like the master bath to feel a little more grown up than the family one.

This past week my attention was drawn to Minted, where they've added an expansive collection of lovely art prints and gifts. Previously, I had only known of them as an elegant personalized stationary brand so it was a very wonderful surprise to discover they had prints I'd like for each room I'm looking to put art up in.

Because our bedroom colors are black and gray I've struggled to choose something for our bedroom. Part of me wanted to add a splash of color such as a rich scarlet or amethyst but I found both too aggressive for a room we sleep in. But as soon as I saw these Horoscope prints I knew I had to have them! Not only are they soft in hue and available in a frame that would look wonderful in our bedroom, the gold metallic foil of our respective astrological signs—his being Pisces, mine being Scorpio—are an elegant but subtle color pop. Can you imagine these hanging over our respective sides of the bed? Could I have found anything more suitable?

As I thought about choosing something for my kitchen things got a bit more complicated. I have such difficult colors to attempt to coordinate with anything I choose. I'm also notorious for preferring things that one might consider eclectic or whimsical. My kitchen and dining area are also very tiny and I don't have a lot of space so there are really only two spots I could put something.

As I pondered and perused I considered items that reflected baking or eating but none of them felt right. Maybe I should go with something plant related since my lime counters would look great with other greens? Nah. One of the coolest things I discovered on Minted is that some of their prints are available in more than one color palette. I ultimately decided that I would go with a print aptly called Drink More Coffee—which is perfect for me if you were to ask my friends. It comes in Lime which would look wonderful with my counters but also is available in Blueberry or Tangerine. It has a playfulness that speaks to me and yet feels grown-up so Mr. Rhi would like it too.

The biggest challenge of the house though is our living room. We've been planning to redo our fireplace since before we signed the papers to purchase the house. Let's just say the late 70's called and it wants its ugly tiles back. But once we do finish that we know for sure we want something that's eye-catching while not being an eyesore to place above it. When we put in new windows last summer I found a set of curtains I love in a charcoal and white tree limbs kind of motif. We love those curtains so it's essential that we keep our art choices in the room in the same nature-centric feel. Although I found some really lovely prints that carried over the tree motif, we already have several live plants in the room so I didn't want to go with anything of that ilk. Both of us are very fond of birds, he's a falconer and together we've raised pigeons so I thought something with feathers might be a nice choice.

I found a print called Hawk Feathers that I like a lot. It's simple enough I could tilt it on the mantle and surround it with branches or shells or stones to pull it together. I'm not sure it's to Mr. Rhi's tastes though.

Next, I looked into the Maps and Landmarks section in hopes of finding something featuring our state of residence, Montana. It's often passed over in favor of other states so I didn't get my hopes up at all. Imagine how thrilled I was to find this stunning foil Montana map complete with county lines! Wouldn't this make a cool grad gift for a student moving away from home? I played around with the framing options a bunch and decided that it could only be put into the Reclaimed Barn Wood because it's Montana. Alas, the largest it comes in is 11"x14" which is too tiny for what we'd like.

Back to the hunt I by chance stumbled upon a print called Ink Raven that I knew immediately was THE ONE. I've had a thing for ravens since I was a little girl and the simplicity partnered with the rustic feel of the water colors just works for the feel we'd like in the living room.

Because isn't that what the most important part of finding a piece of art? That it speaks to you on a personal level. I think so.

Since I haven't decided which theme I want for each of our bathrooms yet—I'm leaning toward a steampunk mermaid thing for the master bath but that's so custom I'm not ready to commit—I decided not to shop for them just yet.

With that in mind the final piece I was looking for was one to put in the awkward hallway/office space I occupy for about half the day. I currently have a very cluttered cork board filled with trinkets and mementos that I'd like to get rid of because it's a dust collector and looks more cluttered than cute.

For my office space I'm all about something that is pure fun. The unicorn was what initially caught my eye in Find Your Happy Place. My inner 5-year-old did a squee. What sold me on it though was how it blended the feel of a terrarium with the charming message. Having been going through some tough stuff in my personal life recently that kind of affirmation to look at when I'm having a bad day makes it a perfect office space decoration.

I found many prints that I loved but that didn't suit any of my spaces that I decided to share them with you just in case you're looking for inspiration. Which are your favorites?

• Wide Mouth Froggy for a nursery or baby shower gift

Home garden or Nightime Sky for a bathroom

Northern Lights for a hallway or wedding gift

Sweet Dreams and Rise and Shine for a child's room

Book Love for an office or teacher appreciation gift

I Love Baking And Math for a kitchen or a bridal shower gift

With hundreds of beautiful prints and framing options you're sure to find something to suit your space or that will make a personal, heartfelt gift for someone special. Not in love with the frame options? You can buy them unframed in many sizes and take them to a specialty shop instead. Or just go wild and create your own gallery wall with a mix of your favorites. When it comes to art and decor I think only YOU can decide your own rules. Do you consider your tastes more traditional or modern? Prefer drawings or photographs? Would you rather wake up to bold geometrics or delicate watercolors? Minted has them all and more! 

Which of my picks do you think I should buy first? Leave me a comment and tell me which you like or visit Minted and tell me which ones you would buy for your home.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I am receiving site credit in exchange for this feature.

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