5 Reasons YOU Need a Hoo-rag In Your Life [+ #giveaway!]

I'm always in search of the latest cool new thing to make my life easier. Recently I found one that I can't stop raving about offline, the Hoo-rag!

What is a Hoo-rag you ask? 

"Hoo-rags are revolutionary headwear that are worn by hundreds and thousands of male and female outdoor enthusiasts and athletes all over the world. The Hoo-rag is made of 100 percent polyester microfiber that wicks away moisture and protects you from the suns harmful rays! Rated to 30 UPF."
It's the strangest bandanna type product I have ever found and I am in love with it. Here are 5 reasons I think you should have one:

1. Sun Protection.

My dad has skin cancer and with our fair skin we burn easily so sun protection is a big deal for me. The Hoo-rag has a very good UPF rating which makes it great for protecting your neck while gardening or if you shave your head in the summer like Mr. Rhi does, it'll protect your dome from getting scorched.

2. No-Poo Transitioning.

I've been 10 months no-poo (as in, I don't use shampoo anymore) but the hardest part of it was that first month when my hair/scalp was going bonkers and absolutely hideous to manage. The Hoo-rag makes a fabulous beanie or headband, even a ponytail holder. Better yet... it stays put! So while you're figuring out your no-poo routine it'll make a really helpful tool in keeping your hair under wraps. Not into the shampoo-less life? It comes in loads of stylish prints and is great for active lifestyles.

3. Your Bug-Out Bag.

Yeah, yeah... maybe you're not a prepper but hear me out. This versatile and light piece of fabric can be used for so many things it's crazy. Sure it makes an awesome pirate-style cap—seriously, the Punk wants me to wear mine this way always—but throw a knot or two in it and you've got a way to carry foraged food. I bet you could even fashion a bandage with it. Check out this video to learn how to wear it a bunch of ways:

4. Spring Cleaning.
Or any cleaning really. If you're sensitive to even the friendliest of cleaners or dust, as most of us asthmatics are, wearing it over the nose and mouth can provide some protection. I've got seven book shelves and I hate dusting. The Hoo-rag can slip up over the face comfortably to keep some of that out.

5. Looking Badass.

I dunno about you my dear readers but I'm pretty boring when it comes to my clothes. 9 out of 10 times you'll catch me wearing a goofy pop culture referencing tee shirt and jeans or pajama pants. Probably a hoodie too. But if I'm sitting here blogging in my jeans and hoody wearing the Purple People Reaper... I'd like to think I look pretty cool. My 5-year-old thinks I look ugly in it. But then this is the same kid who said my makeup made me look like a skeleton the other day. Kids are jerks. lol For obvious reasons I'm rather partial to The Walker print but if you'd rather look pretty than scary I'm a big fan of the Electric Cheetah and Blue Persuasion.

Whatcha think? Did you find a reason to add a Hoo-rag to your wardrobe? I'm hooked and I bet most folks here in Montana are going to be all over them, we're outdoorsy people 'round these parts.

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for an honest review.

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