Beauty Review: Orange Blossom Water Toner

Orange Blossom Water Toner
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Exquisitely delicate and refreshing to skin. You'll find this all-natural toner to be soothing while its astringent and antibacterial properties work to create a radiant and healthy complexion.
The floral water of the Mediterranean. Bottled for natural beauty.
Here's what you can expect with your Orange Blossom Water Toner:
- Skin clarifying properties nurture a radiant glow
- Minimize pore size
- Heal scarring
- Reduce inflammation and treat sun-exposed skin
- Hydrate and soothe skin
- Natural acidity will balance pH levels for healthy moisture and tone
Gentle and perfect for sensitive skin. Fight oil build up and acne-causing bacteria with a natural and proven toner.

Smells so good you'll want to bathe in it! (5 Stars)

For those of us who have really sensitive skin or skin that reacts to just about everything finding a toner is pretty much like seeking the holy grail. I've had a few that were okay but I've never had one that didn't leave my skin feeling a little too dry after use... until now.

I've become a huge fan of the Foxbrim brand since discovering it but this is now my favorite product. Not only does it smell amazing—if you like orange flower or light florals this is gentle and spring-ish, without being cloying—it's gentle. I've been really paring down my skincare routine and toner was the first thing to go but since finding this I've brought it back in. I'm using a facial oil cleanser, then this, then coconut oil to moisturize, camellia oil to treat rosacea on my cheeks, and tea tree oil to treat any acne. For the first time in years I'm managing to keep my skin in a mostly tolerable and happy state.

But this can be used as more than just a face product. I haven't put it in my bath yet but well, as my review title states I'd love to. I've actually dabbed it on like perfume, though it isn't long lasting, and I think it would make a great body spray or that it could be used like a setting spray for makeup if you put it into a spray bottle.

Notes: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

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