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Let me ask you a question... do you ever text and drive? You might not want to answer that here but you can be totally honest with yourself. I'm not here to judge you—people judge me all the time because I can't drive which is so not cool or even any of their business!

But we all know it's not only illegal in many places, it's also very dangerous. Someone I know does it all the time and I hate it because not only could they get hurt, I can't imagine how they would feel if they hurt someone else. It's not always easy to remember the danger when someone keeps sending you messages asking if you're on your way or did you pick up the milk and you feel that compulsion to check your messages or reply. Which is why I think that the #NoTextRed campaign is pretty awesome.

Paint your thumbnail red as a reminder not to text and to drive safely.

How simple is that? I have a teenage son who is close to getting his license and I would love to paint his whole hand red when he finally gets to go out on his own. So I took the pledge—even though I can't drive—to help remind those I ride with to put the phone down!

Sinful Colors makes terrific, affordable nail polishes so I was really thrilled to discover that their #NoTextRed display was already getting emptied at my local Walmart store. When I went back a week later it was completely gone! Here's hoping I'll spot red thumbnails all over town.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to your local Walmart and grab a bottle for yourself and one for a friend. Because we all have that one friend that we would hate to lose that can't seem to resist the urge to risk an "I'll be there soon!" when she should be watching the road.

Practice safe text and rock a fabulous mani that's all the rage at the same time. Talk about a win/win. ☻

Notes: This post is part of a Brand Challenge contest through Influenster.

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