Rhialistic Spring Essentials featuring the Daydream Collection from Warby Parker

Spring Essentials featuring Warby Parker

Spring Essentials featuring Warby Parker by misfitrhi featuring lip care

It's been ages since I did a fashion or style feature hasn't it lovelies? I love them but find they take considerably longer to produce and no one has offered to pay me to write one so they're usually just inspired by something. Today's Spring Essentials feature is all about the new Daydream Collection from Warby Parker.

When their sweet publicist got in touch with me and asked if I'd do a feature there was still snow in my neck of the woods and I wasn't feeling particularly Spring minded. But this weekend the weather got gorgeous and I noticed a bit of green grass and I just want to go dig in my garden and make another trip to see the fuzzy chicks and baby bunnies at the feed store down the way. Because for me, Spring is all about a playful spirit, youthfulness, and cheerful hues after the dull greys and beiges I've been surrounded by.

I fell in love with the Daydream Collection because each set of frames is an instant classic and their colorways are fun and stylish while still being neutral enough to look awesome with a bold yellow jacket or turquoise wellies. These are the kind of sunglasses you own for decades. Most of the frames are even unisex which would be awesome for me because my man is always losing his and cringes at the thought of borrowing mine. My teenage son and I both agree, we are in mad love with the Jackson frame in Crystal. We might have fallen into some dimensional rift thanks to that odd agreement. ☺

Available with both prescription and non-prescription lenses they start at a very reasonable $95. Not sure which pair is right for you? Use the Virtual Try-On feature or the Home Try-On so you can find the right frames to suit your face and your style.

Further, Warby Parker has a wonderful program in place to help people in need through their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. I don't know about you but I'm always happier when I buy from brands that are socially concious. Gorgeous designer glasses and sunglasses at very reasonable prices and a brand that gives back? I ♥ you, Warby Parker!

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