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For going on two years now the hubs and I have had a standing date on Friday nights. Well, not a date exactly, but it's been officially crowned as Nerd Night. We get together with two other couples and the occasional other friend or family member for dinner and tabletop gaming. Occasionally, we break tradition and force someone in our group who has never seen a certain give-me-back-your-geek-card film to be the center of a marathon. (Can you believe one of the gals has never seen The Princess Bride?) It's a great way to spend our Fridays where we don't need a sitter, collaborating on dinner means a great meal, and games are so much more fun with a group.

In our almost two years together as a group we've enjoyed fierce Magic: The Gathering tournaments, an exhausting—and for some of the group, very drunken—game of Last Night on Earth, and as much of The Fellowship of the Ring Extended edition as we could force on our friend. lol Being the blogger and product reviewer in our group though, I am always on the hunt for new games, especially ones where the older kids in our group can join in. Enter our latest hit, Martian Dice!

Now, there's no sense in my explaining the rules and gameplay because it's one of those games that's really easy to learn. I'll admit we played a few rounds wrong because the wording between the rules and the example were a little cloudy. Once we established where we were getting it wrong the game picked up and our friends were asking where to buy it for themselves. 

I will say that keeping the group size down to three was ideal but you could make this game work with as many players as you have patience to sit through. One of the reasons I enjoyed it was that it's a short game so you can fit in lots of play-throughs in an evening and you're not easily stuck waiting for someone's bathroom break. With six adults we managed to have a total blast and the two kids we let join in thought it was cool too. It's very similar to one of our old favorites but with a twist that makes it just a little more challenging. 

Overall, Martian Dice is a great game for adults and older kids that's fast paced and totally portable. The couples we played with often go camping together in the warm months and wanted me to make sure I mentioned in my review that they thought it was perfect for camping because it's small and light. We also agreed stuffing a small sticky notes pad and a small retractable pen for scoring into the tube would be easy. 

Still want to know more? Visit Tasty Minstrel Games.

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for this honest review.

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