For the love of beards get some Smooth Viking!

Last summer I started making my own beard oil for the hubs. He was sick and tired of the dryness and itch that come with having a burly chest tickler. I'm big on knowing what the purpose of every ingredient going into our health and wellness products is for and making my own seemed like a great idea. I still haven't settled on a recipe I love but I've even had special requests from people who see how nice my man's beard has looked.

But let's face it, not everyone has the time or desire or tools to make their own. How do you find beard care products that are affordable, made from good ingredients, that are still effective? Look no further than Smooth Viking.

Available for totally reasonable prices on Amazon and containing the BEST natural ingredients—like shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, mango butter, and essential oils—you're getting real 'food' for your flavor savor. Now, obviously I don't have a beard so I couldn't test them on myself but Smooth Viking was cool enough to hook me up with product to play with as my man's official beard snuggler.

He didn't, however, want photos of his mug included and I respect that. You'll be taking my word for it but each product had extensive use. Through the past couple of months we've had weird warm and cold weather fluctuations and that always dries his beard hairs out and so after much testing he decided that the Beard Conditioner is his favorite product of the three. It's a lot like the hand salves and cuticle balms you've probably tried if you're a woman. Scrape a bit with your nail and gently massage it into the beard. He's made it part of his morning routine and that works for him.
A lot of men can't be bothered with much grooming beyond putting on some deodorant and using shampoo but if you know one who suffers from the dreaded scratchy crumb catcher I would definitely suggest introducing them to the Beard Balm as a good starting point. If the beard is on the long side (3-4" below the chin), I would recommend the Beard Oil for long term care.

The only complaint that both the hubs and I had is that we hate the smell. I make my DIY stuff using bergamot, lavender, and/or tea tree oils and everyone we know loves them. Smooth Viking's products have a scent that is much more citrusy, like bitter orange, and neither of us cares for it. You can add some other essential oil to the Beard Oil if you want to cover it up a bit but with the conditioner or balms you're stuck. (You could add essential oils to the Conditioner or Balm if you liquefied them but I think it would damage the product and kinda defeats the purpose). It's not a strong scent, but enough that I felt it was worth mentioning that we didn't care for it.

Growing awesome facial hair is having a renaissance and I know I'm not the only lady who is loving it. Help your favorite guy whether it's your husband or even your dad keep his looking fantastic. Smooth Viking products would make a thoughtful Father's Day gift for the dad who has everything (including a gnarly chin curtain) or as a stocking stuffer for your brother who couldn't give up his Movember lip rug.

Notes: Complimentary products were provided in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I never even thought of this. The man uses Rosehip oil but I bet this smells more manly. ~Mandie


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