Foodie Rhi-view: Silicone Baking Mat by BakeitFun

Silicone Baking Mat by BakeitFun

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Product Details: SAVE TIME & MONEY: Reuse up to 2,000 times (10 years)! Spare 63 cooking spray cans and 3,879 sheets of parchment paper with this premium baking mat; HELP THE ENVIRONMENT and save up to $800 at the same time! Old bakeware will work like new with our naturally nonstick silicone; Our baking liners are very easy to clean-up, just wipe with hot soapy water after use, let air dry; Store flat or rolled.
DURABLE & RESISTANT: BakeitFun silicone baking mat resist temperatures from -40°F (-40°C) to 450°F (230°C), so you can take the mat out of the freezer, straight to the microwave or oven; Its reinforced FIBREGLASS MESH covered by PREMIUM FOOD GRADE SILICONE provides outstanding heat distribution, giving you better results everytime.
PERFECT FOR COOKING AND BAKING: Our specially designed silicone baking mat HAS 2 UNIQUE FEATURES that you'll love! The RULES AND CIRCLES gives you more confidence while rolling out dough, making cookies, macarons, cheese crisps and many other kinds of cooking and baking uses; Sticky foods are no longer a concern as they slide right off.
SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Protect your children by having the most safe baking mat available on the market - It's German Food Grade approved, BPA free and FDA safe; BRING YOUR KIDS into the kitchen with joy.
BACKED by BakeitFun Lifetime Money-back Guarantee: We only develop products that were carefully tested - Buy the best with confidence - love our silicone baking mats or get every penny back, no questions asked, it's that easy.
Also available in other colors and sizes!

So useful but with one minor issue... (4 Stars)

Having recently found out my spouse is allergic to most basic starches I haven't been baking like I had anticipated I would for this review. Rotten luck for us both!

I've wanted a silcone baking mat for a really long time. I use parchment paper frequently in my baking because it helps things not stick to the pan, as well as making cleanup easier most of the time. I got the half-sheet mat from BakeitFun and right away I noticed that it doesn't properly fit either of my half-sheet pans. It's just a touch too wide thanks to the rims. Which is the reason I had to knock it down a star. It's still usable in them, it's just awkward.

I frequently make homemade pizza which this would be perfect for and I made a flatbread just for this review so I could show how well it worked. It worked amazingly and even though you're NOT supposed to cut on top of it I did any way just to see how well it would hold up and it was fine. I have not yet washed it in my dishwasher, though it is top rack safe. I found that hand washing it was a little tough since it got very greasy from the butter involved in my flat bread and the silicone insisted on hanging onto that grease. I wound up having to wash it before any other dish with a generous amount of soap and rinsing thoroughly with very hot water before I got it clean.

What I think sets this mat apart from others I thought about purchasing in the past is the handy rulers on the sides as well as the cookie guides. Overall, I think it is a wonderful mat and will definitely be getting a lot of use out of it once I find more recipes that I can make without all of the allergens we're trying to eliminate from our family's diet. I would definitely buy more mats from BakeitFun if I needed other sizes.

Notes: I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.

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