Beauty Rhi-view: Immortelle' Organics Nourishing Eye Serum

Immortelle' Organics Nourishing Eye Serum

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Product Details: Can an All-Natural Organic Eye Serum Deliver The Results You've Been Looking For? "This organic formula is genius! The fine lines and sun spots are diminishing." - Anne-Marie Sheridan. "I love this stuff! I would say within a couple of weeks I noticed results. The crow's feet have softened, my skin is soft and smooth." - Deena Peak. Women agree that Immortell√© Organics Nourishing Eye Serum delivers results. Formulated with carefully chosen, heavy hitting, anti-aging certified organic ingredients designed to repair the delicate skin around your eyes and prevent pre-mature aging. Don't be fooled by brands claiming to be "Organic" - read their labels! Produced in fresh batches from our USDA Certified Organic registered facility, our eye serum is safe and gentle, yet highly effective for sensitive eyes. Does not contain any irritating or toxic chemicals typically found in our competitors' mass produced brands. A luxurious eye serum treatment that is unrivalled in the beauty world. Our proprietary formulation of certified organic plant oils contains healing and regenerative properties that deeply penetrate the skin for fast, visible, long lasting results. This highly potent, remarkable formula contains powerful ingredients that assist with reducing wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, while promoting increased elastin levels to prevent the signs of pre-mature aging. Certified organic chamomile, geranium and helichrysum essential oils are paired with certified organic safflower, rosehip and pumpkin seed oil for luxurious hydration to calm, soothe, repair and restore delicate eye tissue. You Be The Judge! Put our Nourishing Eye Serum to the test and compare it to any other eye serum on the market. After their eye serum irritates your eyes and doesn't deliver on its promises - come back to us. Or you can save your delicate eyes from a bad experience and get the results you're looking for by ordering a bottle of Nourishing Eye Serum now.

Ingredients: Rosa rubiginosa (rosehip) oil*, cucurbita pepo (pumpkin seed) oil*, carthamus tinctorius (safflower) oil*, ricinus communis (castor) oil*, matricaria recutita (blue chamomile) oil*, helichrysum italicum (helichrysum) oil*, pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil* *certified organic

Unexpected positive side effects! (5 Stars)

Part 1: Two days in and I am already very impressed! I've tried a few other eye serums that I liked but have been in the market for one that was richer and organic and Immortelle' Organics has delivered on both of those needs.

The ingredients are awesome individually; helichrysum oil fights free radicals, geranium is good for circulation, castor oil stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, blue chamomile and safflower are anti-inflammatory, pumpkin seed oil is full of fatty acids, and rosehip oil is a powerhouse of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Together they're a powerful combination. While I haven't given the eye serum enough time to reduce my fine lines it is very soothing for my puffy undereye area (which has been bothering me a lot lately) and I love that the tiniest bit goes a very long way.

I'll update a couple of weeks from now as to my long-term results but for now I am a fan!

Part 2: It's been about 6 weeks now and I'll admit that I'm still not seeing a strong change in my skin texture. My fine lines just refuse to budge. BUT I've had two hugely unexpected and totally thrilling side effects that have made me decide to recommend it for off-indications use.

Often when using this serum I would wind up with a bit more than I needed so I began gently massaging the excess along my upper lash line as I find the texture there to be quite wrinkly and I figured it couldn't hurt. The first side effect was that a small skin tag I had right above my lashline that I was beginning to get embarrassed about began to shrink and then completely disappeared within two weeks! The second is that my lashes have become stronger and have begun to grow in around an area I'd previously had very few lashes. 

The getting rid of that unsightly and embarrassing skin tag alone was totally worth it. 

Notes: I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.

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