Review: Seeds of Love Organic Flower Seed Packets for Special Occasions

SEEDS OF LOVE - Colorful Mix of Organic Flower Seeds Packed in 10 Greeting Cards by VREMI TM
Product Details: NON-GMO ORGANIC SEEDS OF LOVE - Colorful Mix of Organic Flower Seeds, Packed in 10 Greeting Cards. Vremi's Seeds of Love are high quality USDA certified Organic Non-GMO seeds. That means you can be sure you are consuming a high quality and certified product as guarantied.
FIVE DIFFERENT TYPES OF AMAZING FLOWER SEEDS - Vremi's Seeds of Love contains a Selection of colorful organic flower seeds: Delphinium, Zinnia Mix, Calendula, Celosia, Sunflower Mix. Ten packages (2 for each flower type) of colorful flower will turn your garden to an amazing and inviting place, just like garden should be!
UNIQUE GREETING CARDS YET HUMBLE PRICE - We've designed Seeds of Love to be unique and to look like no other product we know! Seeds of Love are not a regular mix of flower seeds, but also an awesome greeting card or even a little present that comes with a humble price. Can any greeting card beat Seeds of Love, a symbol for health and growth..?! We think not! If you love being unique, and believe in giving something that means something, that's the product for you!
FUN ACTIVITY, NOT ONLY FOR KIDS: One of the most fun and fulfilling activity one can ask! Feel the joy of planting, learn the meaning of giving and getting ten times back! A wonderful, joyful and meaningful experience ..not only for kids!"
BOX INCLUDES: Seeds of Love weights 100 gram overall, and includes 5 different non-GMO organic flower seeds packages (2 of each: Delphinium, Zinnia Mix, Calendula, Celosia, Sunflower Mix). Each package acts also as an unique greeting card (2 of each: Congratulations/ Happy Holiday/ Happy Birthday/ Thank You/ I Love You).

A lovely way to give the gift of flowers. (5 Stars)

What a perfect have-on-hand kind of gift! I absolutely love puttering around trying to grow things and have many friends and relations who do as well. Which makes these specially decorated seed packets the perfect little something extra to tuck into a greeting card, gift basket, decorative pot for planting them in, or in the case of the Happy Holidays one a Christmas stocking. Anyone who appreciates organic gardening is sure to love receiving one of these.

The packets are easy to open and since I received them for a review I was very impressed by the seed quality within. I've attached photos so feel free to have a look. They do all have the same flower mix though so bear that in mind. The mix includes: Sunflowers, Calendula, Zinnias, Celosia, and Delphinium. Full sun is also required so hopefully anyone you gift them to will have a nice growing spot available.

Notes: I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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