Get ready for Spring Break with Flash Tats from VOODOO TATTOO!

Okay, so I admit... if you met me you'd definitely not take me for someone who would wear flash tattoos and you'd probably be right. I'm often mistaken for being much younger but they seem to be one of those trends that only 20-somethings with a boho style can really pull off. But ya know what? Heck with that. I think they're fun! And I hate commitment so they let me play with the idea of tattoos with the option of taking them off if I hate the effect.

Big thanks to Voodoo Tattoo for sending me a sheet to sample! I didn't particularly care for the designs they sent but I had a lot of fun with them. I think 'flash tattoos' is just a fancy way of saying 'metallic temporary tattoos' so if you're not up on the trend don't worry, they're easy to put on and easy to remove.

What makes these really special is that with the metallic pieces you get the effect of wearing jewelry without actually having to put it on. If you have small wrists like I do you can easily take the chains and give yourself a bracelet and matching ring. I did find it a little difficult to line up the ends around my wrist so you might want to ask a friend to give you a hand any time you're going for that effect. I also found that any that overlap knuckles will tear within seconds of drying so if you're trying to put them on your hands like you see in the packaging photos or as you see in my photos you may want to dry something different.

Overall, I would only rate these a 4 star rating because I was disappointed with how quickly they got dull. The clear parts turned gray in less than 24 hours and the black ones cracked and faded within 48. Some tips I recommend are avoiding hand sanitizer and other alcohol based products being used near them, but also anything with oils like lotions and potentially even hand soaps. Which brings me to a final recommendation: save these for a special occasion! They're very cool but don't stay pretty for long when you're required to wash your hands a lot or will potentially have clothing rub against them.

Notes: I received a complimentary product in exchange for this review.

Would you like to win your own sheet of these to try for yourself? Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite big fashion and style trend that's big right now is by midnight MST on Saturday, February 21st. Please make sure you leave an email address I can contact you at if you win!

Can't wait to try them? Check out other cute designs—I love the Athena ones, myself—and order them on Amazon by clicking on the photo:

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  1. maybe too many people were the movie theaters to see 50 shades of grey to realize they were missing out on this awesome thing


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